Wiz Khalifa – Still Got It f. Project Pat

blame it on Shake July 30, 2012

While currently on the road for the Under The Influence Of Music tour, Wiz takes to the Twitter to release some new music. O.N.I.F.C. arrive August 28th.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Still Got It f. Project Pat

  • unknown


  • cap

    Whats with these rappers bragging about friends who sell drugs…(lilwaynemyhomiesstill)
    Nothing hard about selling drugs and nothing cool about doing it. Stupid substance

  • terry

    I dont know whats up with Wiz he making the kinda music niggas want but its just not good music.

  • Ermac

    Whose checkin for this wack ass nigga? besides lil suburban white kids?

  • wtf

    um someone album is about to be pushed back zero hype i dont know anyone excited about it droppin.

  • Jomoses

    The single went gold, still getting spins and the nigga is on the maroon 5 joint…. That album ain’t getting pushed back.

  • who cares

    Glad I ain’t the only one on this site who don’t like this dude.
    “Still Got It” still got what? You never had “it” to begin with.

  • wtf


    All i see is maroon 5 fans mad as hell wondering why the hell Wiz on the song to begin with.

  • eatshit

    who gives a fuck what he does in real life? Atleast he ain’t one of those cocksuckers like frank ocean. You niggas hating probably are that faggot frank ocean fans. With that said, you all go suck dick.

  • “go suck a dick faggots”

    hahahahah^ slicc snappd

  • LOL why are you guys such haters? He makin millions. Obviously doing something right. If you hate him, why post on everything hes on. You could just leave it be but noooo, you guys wanna act like your the cool ones HAHA.

  • Raiders4Life

    He looks like Busta on crack in this picture

  • sosa

    Weak Khalifa

  • Cam

    I hope none of the tracks he released after “Work Hard Play Hard” are gonna be on the album,If not i still have hope on the album being good.

  • CarrMitchell

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  • fucksosa

    i think that all these songs he droppin 1 will be on the album and prolly 1 or 2 as bonus tracks..cant wait for the album he prolly gonna do one more single to get people talking again and he is boutta drop that tape with spitta in like a week and a half so he playin his cards rite

  • Yea that “Live In Concert” will get his hip-hop fans hype, he’ll probably have another single coming within a month or two, hopefully it catches just a little better than that “Work Hard, Play Hard.” I honestly wanna see dude win. Timing is a key part in Wiz Khalifa’s marketing though, so he’s probably got it handled.

  • But as far as this song goes, it’s just alright, really not even that, just ehhhh. A couple of them joints released have been decent, but none of em really dope. These are just throwaways/buzz maintainers. Dude has a nice lil flow right now though.

  • Mike Tomlin

    @Cloudninered in a month or 2? Considering the album drops in less than a month I dunno what good that will do him.

    Best song hes put out in months was that Bed Rest freestyle. Not sure why hes touring BEFORE the album is released. He’ll turn it up soon thou watch..

  • ConleyJeannine

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  • I didn’t know the album was close to it’s release date. But shit, Wiz STAYS on tour, once this one is over he’ll probably turn right back around & go on an O.N.I.F.C. Tour. I know a true fan of Wiz like myself will be buying the album regardless, I trust in him enough to not put out any bullshit. I’m sure he’ll at least go gold with his current hype & his true fans backing so it’s all good, long as the music’s quality nothing else really matters. But yeah I’m sure he’ll pick it up here soon anyways though.

  • Plus most of these random song drops on twitter, half the time they’re probably just for the fun of it, I don’t think they’re meant to be taken to seriously.

  • iFloss

    Go listen to Telescope ft. 50 Cent again… Go listen to the joint with Game and Stat Quo… Those songs are dope as fxck, Wiz makes great music it’s just there’s a learning curve cuz he’s kinda out there with it…

  • I already know, that Telescope joint is sick, even 50 ripped tht shit. It was good to see. That Pounds & Ounces or whatever it’s called is dope too.

  • ryan

    telescope is wack. the pounds & ounces track is dope but should have been wiz,spiita & french montana rather than chevy & berner

  • Jus Sayin

    Wiz is wack as fuck and doesn’t make good music anymore dis cornball goes around dressing like a fake ass Jimi Hendrix

  • geaga

    wiz = automatic download.

  • Devon Dale

    Why don’t all you stop fucking hating like your comments are really gonna make a difference, Wiz is creative like he has said in interviews and like’s to make music that everyone like’s not just what all you wack niggas wanna listen to, he’s tryna be original, he’s still making his old music, in ONIFC so why don’t all you just stop and fucking rewind all that shit your saying

  • Dre ThaRealist

    ^Well Damn o_O

  • Dre ThaRealist

    My nigga Wiz got sum for all u hatin mf.. Jus let him do him