Lil Wayne – No Worries f. Detail

blame it on Shake September 7, 2012

If you happened to be one of the few (I’m kidding) that downloaded Wayne’s Dedication 4 mixtape, you’ll already be familiar with this track. What you might not have known though is that it’s being serviced as the next single from I Am Not A Human Being II. So take a listen to the final/mastered version below and head to iTunes to support.

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  • The hook is so radio heavy, I’m not surprised…

    75% of the verses will be bleeped out tho

  • hh_addict

    the hook is catchy but Wayne’s verses…and what’s the fuck with the yellings ? Looks like he was jerking off while recording…

  • justsaying

    lets keep it simple…beat and hook >>>>>>> verses

  • ^
    Nuff said.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    I actually like this track.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Got a link Shake?

  • Xavier_

    @RafaeSheikh sharebeast(dot)com/hgiqbsb69nho

  • K.I.N.G

    nigga lost me with lollipop..but damn, is he purposely doing this?

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Thanks Xavier.

  • j

    if this nigga didn’t do crazy shit to his voice and just relaxed this song would actually be tuff

  • DC Live


    exactly, the hook is catchy as fuck but its like goddamn calm the fuck down.

  • nyc22

    Beat does knock though – ______ –

  • I see what u did there

    Ironic he talkin bout niggas fallin off like baggy pants

  • Mike Tomlin

    Track rocks

  • NYdreams

    that wayne n big sean is alot better than this and i dont even like that song

  • beef head

    how he gonna get a fake Kirko Bangz on the hook? smh

  • A

    i wish someone else was on this song. waka would fit perfectly, but wayne just doesn’t work for this song. especially with his fucked up voice and random yellings

  • Shaba J1s

    yea he yellin on purpose the beat knock so hard he cant help but be 10 in the studio

  • Camo

    Nah fuck that shit don’t buy Lil Wayne’s music. Don’t support his goofy ass until he makes real music again.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    The only listen worthy song on this trashy ass mixtape. One of thr worst mixtapes I heard from an “elite” rapper in years. Dedication 4 was beyond trash. I was expecting to either be like “it’s ok” or “it’s hot” wrong it’s WAK!