• JoJo

    Big Alley Boy fan but this is wack and why he got Richard on here when DTE have dissed William a bunch of times

  • http://real-tube.net knockout artist

    C'mon give da nigga a chance. could've been worse ha?

  • http://real-tube.net/blog/ Rap Music Connoisseur

    They should have spent more time on this one. Some people need ghost writers, some dont.

  • yung

    didn't this nigga diss Rick Ross on his last mixtape?

  • jdz

    'Ima shooter'

    Cool original content, I bet if he actually did shoot someone, he'd have a big cry and claim he's not a thug.

    Fuck this bullshit

  • RNS

    this shits tuff! fuck you stuck up net geeks

  • bladaoh

    at least the mixtape title is better then nigganati

  • Marr

    hahaha i saw this picture on google images like 2 years ago