• http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite DJ Lanky White

    Even more music industry bullshit

  • GR

    Was legit sad. Forreal.

  • Tekwon

    Dude sold out years ago so what do you expect? Kelly Rowland? GTFO with that pop bullshit!

  • ianism

    ^^^ don't put this on Big Boi guys. we know who he wanted on the track. and they're an electro-soul group from sweden.

    hopefully we'll hear the original one day.

  • welp

    that was at Fader/vitaminwater Uncapped, not SXSW. and Big Boi only performed 2 songs that night so I'm not listening unless 3000 is on it

  • AAA

    @welp stupid Dre fanboy

    Sad that Little Dragon can't be on it but after SLLF I trust fully on Big Boi to deliver a great album even with the labels fucking around. The Kelly Rowland version is still good.

  • The Co_oL

    Somebody better leak the OG version so I can replace it with the album one