T.I. – Wildside f. A$AP Rocky (prod. No I.D.)

blame it on Shake December 14, 2012

Upon giving Tip’s new album a listen, this track stood out as one of my personal favorites. The album is dope overall as well… be sure to cop Trouble Man this Tuesday. Also, after the jump is the second episode in his “Countdown” vlog series.

  • -sk-

    Album was dope

  • DBS

    Is it better than the last one, last one was pretty terrible.

  • breezy

    chopped up version of kanye never let me down?

  • Who

    Wale – Folarin Tracklisting: Out 12.24.12
    1. Folarin
    2. Back To Ballin (Ft. French Montana)
    3. Flowin’
    4. DMV (Ft. Fat Trel, Phil Ade & Black Cobain)
    5. Diamond Nights (Ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne)
    6. Gamechanger
    7. Words Of Wisdom (Ft. Kendrick Lamar)
    8. Geetchi
    9. Preach (Ft. J. Cole)
    10. Slow Up (Ft. Trey Songz & Big Sean)
    11. Win The City (Ft. Chief Keef, King Louie & Lil Durk)
    12. Freedom Of Speech
    13. Rick Barry
    14. Championship (Ft. Meek Mill)
    15. Word Of Mouth

  • Shawn

    “Fuck them hoessss man…. pass the weed.”

    This is also my favorite song on the album.

  • gregory kruxx.

    Dope track and a fan of ASAP Rocky but his verse dont fit Tips content. Niggahs need to stick to the script. Would have been better if just T.I. was on it or Asap was more topic focused

  • Russ

    ^^^agreed. same thing with g-season. Meek’s verse needs removed. Can’t stand the guys voice or delivery. He just mumbles everything.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    How could this track stand out when it sounds like the other 10,000 songs already made.

    Auto Tune: Check.
    Same southern beat. Check.
    Same flow every rapper uses over the same beat. Check.

    Bring back the biting rules and 95% of these rappers would have to quit.

    Including TI.

  • hiphop

    ASAP ruins it like everything else he gets on. Chief Keep and ASAP are the fall of the culture

  • schuyler

    word, i will say i liked the album, but this was a least favorite of mine. despite t-minus doing his thing as always, i just could not stand the hook. Unoriginal melody along with super-generic lyrics, not to mention the same applied to rocky’s verse. now, i’m a fan of rocky as well, but this verse could have fit on any of the last three or four guest tracks he’s been featured on.

  • bladaoh

    ughhhh the chorus is terrible. i fuck with the beat and the verses but couldn’t he have done somethin else with the hook?? i mean that shit is garbage