Maino – Molly (Video)

blame it on Illy January 8, 2013

Not exactly safe for work.

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  • V Da Final Battle

    This can’t be the path we were supposed to take the music… i’m glad i’m old enough to remember pre-addictive-drug hip-hop….

    well they did use to claim to peddle it on the streets, but not many were saying they used.

  • I actually really like this song, just pretend it’s actually about a girl named Molly.

  • qeq

    How come theee rappers who are suddenly rapping about mollly never rapped about it before? What suddenly made you start rapping about it? oh that’s riding, dickriding and unoriginality.

  • james

    NSFL, this video and this life is a goddamn travesty. Hollow-headed broads and dumb rappers promoting some washed-up druggy lifestyle.

    The industry loves this shit, it used to be only a suburban whiteboy thing, now they got lil black kids wanting to live life in a blur.

  • Adi

    Bad bitches, lucky murrafucker.

  • milly

    shit some of those bitches was too bad. cant say much for the song tho or maino for that matter. those bishes tho..