Curren$y – Choosin’ f. Wiz Khalifa & Rick Ross (prod. Lex Luger)

blame it on Illy January 29, 2013

New Jet City drops Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3). SHAKE UPDATE: Let’s go Niners!

  • Noob

    New Jack City?

  • DynamicShots

    That movie actually released way back in like ’91 or somethin dude. Fuck you talking bout?

  • peter

    new jet city not jack”!

  • JetLifer


  • III

    One of the better Spitta songs I’ve heard recently. Good production, and Spitta didn’t sound lazy on the verse like he’s been sounding lately. Wiz and Ross had solid verses too.

  • cLaRk

    would have been better without officer ricky

  • Tight shit, jet life nigga

  • 2dope4nope

    Yup this is solid and ^ you mean Florida hoax Ricky hahaha but 2/3 I’ll be DLing

  • red


  • kd

    Wiz kinda went in…

  • BobbyWhite

    damn… this shit is sick.

    love lex luger beats too

  • elduderino

    what are you guys talking about….none of these dudes went in

  • Mister Nicely

    Dope production, the most consistent nigga in the game.

  • malcyvelli

    agree with @elduderino, i fuck with this track and those on it (aside from officer william) but im not gonna pretend they went in

  • Geoff

    Good Track, until wiz and fat boy rapped, but thats what chopping songs is for. The only reason i posted a comment is because i have followed lex lugars music for a “while” now a gotta say this is the first song i like. Everything until this has been too much chaos for my ears. He was featured in GQ or some other magazine of that nature last year. The picture they painted of hanging with him is worthy of artistic respect on some level. Not to say my option on personal character means much. After all, it’s just Music.

  • 1hunnit

    Lex Luger steppin up his producing

  • Flip

    Why cant curr make songs like this all the time, i knew he be bullshittin

  • Danny Brown

    I can’t recall who spitters biting on the chorus but other than that these 4 all suck (Ross counts as 2). Another gay ass song for you fags to bump around the town thinkin you’re cool , or should I say “trill”

  • Black08290

    Don’t you dare talk shit about Curren$y.

  • k

    why is there so much hate on this song its dope and if u dont like press “nope” and move on dam

  • Notorius_ZIG

    Danny Brown you fucking suck at rapping go back to taping your dick and balls behind your ass you look like an emo kid who is upset that they’re black and confused cuz he was adopted and raised by white people…. You wish you had a career like Curren$y SMH….. Curren$y so OG he been rapping since you’ve been shooting blanks… Go listen to some fallout boy and jerk off with your tears Danny brown homo ass nigga