• Willie Hozay

    Does anyone actually believe this nigga dude lives in fantasy land talking about selling metric tons and I was on the floor when he was like “done made a whole 2.5 off cocaine in 12 months, i have whole year runs, freeband meetings in puerto rico with hector, me and isabella. lol wtf

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P8Tkq5Kc6k&list=FLdyhZYIwt_rvZAjV3mFcoUQ&feature=plcp jones

    This is not even music? He just talking I fell in love with a cuban, i just left colombia? WTF who cares haha retarded shit

  • Nation of Colombia

    fuck this cat

  • mjd


  • Cesper

    I fux with scooter but if y'all ain't talkin bout the bitch in the video y'all ain't saying shit!