HS87 – Cypher f. ScHoolboy Q, Casey Veggies, Xzibit, Rick Ross, Method Man, Redman & Raekwon

blame it on JES7 March 9, 2013

Well god damn, this came out of left-field! Hit-Boy recruits a whole bunch of emcees for a posse cut of massive proportions.

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  • i cant fucking recognize anyone but rae, meth, ross, and q on the song. All these voices sound the fucking same LOL

  • YouGots2Chill

    Meth & Red killed it! Ross lost,Xzibit came 3rd & Rae did aight.Everyone else can hang it up —–> Think otherwise????

  • Hit Boy comin with that HEAT!!! Song is fiyah, Kanye better watch his back.

  • JetLifer

    Young Veggies held it down too don’t front…

  • AboveTheNorman

    they would switch up the beat when rozay spits. Not a bad verse from him though…

  • rew

    Typical hipster fags rating based on who makes dick hardest not any objective musical analysis as usual.

  • spewing

    Just skip the first 1:50 or so, until ScHoolboy comes in. Then it’s fire from then on.

  • skiler714

    Collabo of the year thus far….

  • Exhibit C


  • BuzzKillington

    Here’s to hoping the next nigga that fires a few in Ross’ direction doesn’t miss. Nigga is trash. A beat change? For that nigga? Stop it.

    Aside from that the track is nice.

  • Dump

    I think it’s a diss to Biggie to put out a song on his death day with a beat change for Rick Ross. I have nothing against Ricky but c’mon that’s just hitting too close to home.

  • AA

    Dope! Hitboy doing big things, but in such a strange way… this here is an undeniable event. Shit is an event in hiphop! When’s the last time we had anything to be truly excited about? Huh? For real,I’m asking. Of course Ross wants a switched up beat. Of course the young dudes sound similar! Of course they all ripped it! Yo this is dope. Hi haters, the highway is that way. This is dope Now I’m listening to Hitboy

  • AA

    Yo now you could pick out the illest lines. Have some fun with hiphop for once, instead of complaining that Ye always complain about the planes for good sake. Thanks good music

    “You mad the squad winning? That;s a hate crime”
    “I am cooked cocain. You are softer than chalk” XZ
    “Yall fuckin with a grown man, boy” <– just to let yall know what it really is and truly!

  • T9FTW

    LOL, why is Rick Ross on here? Get him and Audio Push’s wack asses off here.

  • poopoohead

    Didn’t think I’d say this but Xzibit fuckin went in.

  • Nova

    I was thinking the samething, this shit came out of left field

  • david

    Most of these verses sound like throwaways, just an attempt to get a bunch of hot names on a track to make a buzz. On posse cuts artists are meanna compete to have the nicest verse but on this most verses are lazy. Only real nice one is Xzibit, I’m a big Wu fan so was expectin big lines but Xzibit’s is the only real nice verse here

  • John

    everyone went hard even rick ross so quit your bitching and criticizing

  • QUE ?

    Did Hit Boy just take a shot at Polow Da Don? That was it sounded like when the nigga did the very first verse. HAHA WTF was that about

  • david

    @John No most of them were weak compared to the standards they’ve set themselves. Red and Meth have featured on several tracks together (one of my faves was the remix to Simon Says) and always deliver, Rae and Xzibit were on that Legacy track and both killed it. X was the only 1 who brought his A-game

  • ehh

    junt was NOT like that.. mad unforgettable

  • DirtyRotten

    Schoolboy Q was weak on this cut. Wow.

  • lordzyos


  • Turtle

    I would say these verses average around 20 seconds. And minus Raekwon, they’re all pretty boring. This cypher ain’t worth much.

  • mmm,mmm,good.

    I love that nigga q he raps nasty and he probably nasty as hell. ;-)

  • rj

    same beat as dj premier’s “livin’ proof” by group home but still ill.

  • Y’all trippin’ this ish dope as heck & even Ross verse was decent! Definitely way out of left field & I really miss tracks like this so it was a pleasantly good surprise!

  • wu affiliate

    this is the xzibit that held the west coast on his shoulders for a minute more than a decade ago

  • Jon

    Wait until C.O.B. drop their 2013 cypher

  • Strajow

    This beat is off the new “DEMIGODZ KILLMATIC LP”

  • momoney181

    lol how the beat just changes when rick ross comes in just for him then goes back