Beyonce’s “Bow Down” Remix to Feature Slim Thug, Willie D, Scarface, Bun B, Kirko Bangz & Lil KeKe?

blame it on Shake March 22, 2013

Looks like the Hit-Boy produced portion of Beyonce’s latest release is set to receive a Houston makeover. According to Houston news reporter Isiah Carey… Slim Thug, Willie D, Scarface, Bun B, Kirko Bangz and Lil KeKe are currently in the studio recording.

Shouts to hhnm on the heads up. Hopefully everything pans out and we get to hear it sooner than later.

  • Trey Treezy

    Where the f**k are Trae Tha Truth and Z-Ro. Trae even asked for a couple bars.

  • so it’ll be like the Vibe Awards featuring beyonce..that’s great…. -_- not

  • Geezy

    How you gonna have all this HTown royalty and then drop Kirko Bangz in the middle of it? Go ahead and replace him with Trae or Ro, otherwise it will end up just like “I’m From Texas” track, where he anchored a good track with a weak ass verse.

  • frylock

    this bitch never gave any shine to texas EVER so whats with the total change in personality. shes such a fake bitch.

  • Don’t Be Somthing Your Not


  • Cayanaten

    Rather hear them on the I Been On half

  • coldone

    bout time! i been sayin 4 years Beyonce need 2 do a track flexin her Houston roots & puttin on the legends from her city

  • You guys need to hop off Beyonce’s dick, she’s mediocre af. She’s not that great an artist and I find it hilarious she’s trying to do rap while her husband moves into her lane with JT. Get the fuck out of here and all of you for backing up this overrated woman.

  • You guys act like she’s a rapper who walks around “reppin’ her hood” or something like that. You don’t see R&B artists doing that, so chill… and you gotta be crazy to say she’s mediocre. She’s easily the best entertainer of our generation. I see hip-hop still think it’s cool to hate the popular. You’ll love an artist until they make it and then you’ll say they sold out.

    • Agreed, Beyonce barely does features as it is. And if she does add a feature then she not just gonna grab anybody if they style don’t coordinate with the track. Besides, she’s worked with Slim Thug and Bun-B before (“Check on It” I know you remember that video!?!).

  • Jordan

    Why is no one mentioning this sexy ass picture?

    • Rich


  • Damn I aint heard from Willie D since “Pu$$y in the Click”, Bey went & got the legends, I wonder how a unreleased Pimp Verse would sound on there hhhmmmmm………..

  • fuck out of here

    So the girl doin songs about girl shit and world things in her music. Is Houston not part of the world? Are there no women in Houston who can relate to her music? wow these dumbasses been dumbasses. fucking hate you faggots questioning famous people who perform for the whole Earth. the same people who will be the first to say somebody changed. smfh

  • ffffffuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk

    ahit everytime that picture come up goddammit

  • Cold killah


  • Joy

    ohhh bey sit on it

  • jg

    now, i’m not one of the beyonce stans who loves everything she does. in fact, i’m not even really a big fan of hers, however (as a person from texas) i have to disagree with a lot of the people on here who are saying she has never really put on for h-town, or texas before this. that’s not true. throughout the years she has always claimed texas, kelly rowland on the other hand, is the one that acts like she’s not from there.

  • Internationa L

    The remix needs RO!!! knowwhatimtalkinbout!! thats all i wanted to say

  • Butterfly

    Great job