Santigold, B.o.B, Matt and Kim & Yung Skeeter "Make Boring Brilliant" (Video)

We all know how boring can strike anytime, anyplace. This year vitaminwater®, our sponsor, is on a mission to make all things boring brilliant. Its first stop, Boring, Oregon. On Wednesday, April 3rd, vitaminwater® will host "Brilliance Uncapped," a huge concert event. The evening brings together some wildly diverse talent, including B.o.B, Santigold, Matt & Kim and Yung Skeeter. Just try to be bored with a lineup that amazingly eclectic. Brilliance Uncapped will air live at 9 PM EST on FUSE TV and also via livestream, so be sure to tune in.

This coming Wednesday (April 3rd) Bobby Ray and Santigold join indie darlings Matt and Kim and, uh, Yung Skeeter (*blank stare*) for a showcase in one of the most random places in America: Boring, Oregon. That should be interesting.

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  • mO

    Didn't believe it at first but the shit actually works. I'm pulling in close to $2200 a week and I just started a month & a half ago. FREE SIGNUP at TRILLUNIVERSITY dot NET

  • T-Luv

    Yung Skeeter? female version of young scooter or bitch that catches mad nut?? hopefully the latter


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