• dev

    Nice combo of wordsmiths

  • RRXC

    Vizzy just released his last four mixtapes mastered with new/unreleased tracks..

  • truth

    nice verse from vizzy. first dude was downright terrible.

  • pete

    your opinion is terrible truth. he rapped about overcoming obstacles and addressed fake people in life.

  • http://www.stopskimmingthroughmusic.com JohnBars

    For someone who's name is truth you are so far from it... stop listening to Waka Flocka its clearly diluting your brain.

  • franky

    Waka is dope. Paul marz should do a track with Flame. That would be yoga fire

  • lexx

    truth that sounds like something a loser would say. why do you even listen to hiphop?

  • Ryan O’Connor

    Thanks for posting XV! Keep them coming. #VizzyZone