• swill

    so did iggy just use this nigga or something? where is she, thought she was hg? lol

  • gt

    i still think of travis scott as g.o.o.d his "hustlegang/grandhustle" aint gonna last long

  • KarlW1992

    LOL wtf is this, what the fuck are they all wearing aswell? All of the audience look like Justin Bieber fans aswell. Hip Hop my ass!!!

  • doc rovers

    Tip > Bob > Chip > Trae > Dro

  • http://2dopeboyz mb

    T.I.P still doin his thang. Much love to one of the o.g.'s of the trap rap game. That memories back then is so fuckin seroius!!!!!

  • K.I.N.G

    @gt too bad he's signed to good as producer and grand hustle as an actual artist. thats official. who cares what you think lol