The Greater Good (Marion Write x DJ Finyl) - Goodness Gracious (Album)

ArtByShake. Photo: Respect the Shooter.

After hitting us with a few note-worthy singles, the Vegas connection of emcee Marion Write and producer DJ Finyl drop off their new collaborative full-length. Stream/download below.


DOWNLOAD: The Greater Good - Goodness Gracious (Album)

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  • Rick M.

    Wow!!!! Talk about listening from beginning to end. Real soulful sound

  • RTS

    The wait is over, the project is SOLID! Big ups to everyone involved. A well balanced composition where the lyricist exquisitely compliments the production. A+, gentlemen. One time for Vegas!

  • Great project from front to back. Great content, no fillers, amazing production.

  • FresnoLife

    Got the homie Shye on a track #Respect good project

  • Musiq

    Im a fan this is real good music

  • Las Vegas at its finest..


    Out of all the rappers in Vegas I'd like to see him make it. seems like a humble and genuine kid


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