MGK: “I Inspired A Lot Of Performers In Hip Hop” (Video)

blame it on Meka August 2, 2013

Promoting his new mixtape Black Flag, Machine Gun Kelly opens up to DJ Green Lantern and Boss Lady on Invasion Radio about maturing as an artist, being banned from stages like Coachella and not being given the respect he feels he deserves as an emcee.

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  • Lol.

  • Grimzz



    Wow…he’s VERY delusional about his “talent.”

  • MGK is the truth and I wish people stop sleeping on him. He can spit and he stands for something which is why he has a movement. A lot of rappers don’t have fanbases – they just have people who buy into the hype – which is why they fade away when they aren’t “popular” anymore. MGK’s fans know every word of every song and they tat his symbols and lyrics on their bodies – true diehard fan base – he’s going to be around for a long time.

  • who cares

    This dude is so full of himself. Garbage ass “rapper”.

  • Banned from stages? I saw MGK in Indianapolis and a local opener named Blake Allee stole the fucking show! So much MGKs people shut his set down early and kicked him out of the venue, dude killed it. Crazy show, hit link

  • realtalk™

    This dude sucks.. the shittiest rappers have ‘movements’ nowadays, doesn’t mean much anymore.

  • nas

    name a rapper that I ain’t influenced

  • cudder

    lol mgk is the next nilla ice except having a hit like ice ice. I rather listen to lil b than him and I don’t even listen to lil b haha I hope someone close to mgk and read this comment and tell him to ride shotgun with stevie wonder. MANONTHEMOONIII

  • tini

    Top 10 lyricists? HAHAHAHA
    Top 5 rappers? HAHAHAHA
    MGK Inspired ____ HAHAHAHAH