• schevv


  • hangh?!

    she ugly af. paper bag lookin ho.

  • why

    why the white washed photos?.......why?

  • RealWorldSteve

    Aight...I'ma say it...how the hell did she transform into a white girl in the last few pics?...or are my eyes just fuckin' with me?

  • who cares

    The first half of the pics were nice, everything below the training pics were too fake for me.

  • C’mon

    Ugh... y'all can do better.

  • Stephanie & Cyn Santana > rest

    Nah nah nah first pic was alright but the leg down made it look all kinda disturbing but being a man FUCK IT ill still smash with only the fourth-fifth pic looking likes!

  • http://www.motahiphop.com MotaHipHop.com

    Sexy fucking woman!!!!

  • loso

    it was half decent until i got to those ratchet tattoos that looked like a bad skin rash. camron need to find his boy a proper chick. nigga still scoopin project hoes

  • boobie slim

    this bitch got the meanest case of vitiligo

  • Aye

    not my cup of tea.

    she way to mannish

  • LA

    I just wanted to stop by and say 2DBZ has the GAYEST c-section on the internet


  • wat

    Some of these pics have her looking busted. And most are way too edited.

  • Truth Siren

    This bitch ain't nothing special besides she got like 3 kids ain't nobody tryna mash that loose pussy

    @LA nah homie I think thats just yo pump ass

  • triPAUD

    she could be wendy williams daughter lol

  • triPAUD

    where'd her tats go on the last set...?

  • KING

    Holy transformation Batman!

  • Frank Ocean

    is this a tranny?

  • ThatDude

    fuck all of yall. That first blue pic makes me smash with or with the white makeup

  • twinsking

    I like the tats

  • Frost

    ^^^ The first blue pic also shows her with a lazy eye...

  • gr1

    stop all that coon shit. early morning cartoon ahit


    MORE nope than dope THE GAYS ARE WINNING yessssssss more Women for me thank you :DDDDDDDD

  • NesTa

    Forced to dope to give balance to the force...even tho she aint that dope. LoL

    A good photographer don't need photoshop...& good photoshop isn't supposed to be noticeable. Who hires these niggas??

    AND if u a crotch-shot model...just get fukn naked...fukn ratchet.

  • YoungCosby

    Wendy Williams lost mad weight son!