Kanye West: Zane Lowe pt.2 (Video)

blame it on Meka September 24, 2013

Towards the end of part one, Kanye was beginning to lose the “Kardashian” in his voice when he spewed the hashtag-worthy meme #ItsBeenLikeThatForAMinuteHediSlimane. In part two he talks about corporate America, aspirations on being a trillionaire, and more.

  • marty mcfly

    Kanye West is a genius in his own way but the thing is to not go crazy in the process of getting people to appreciate his creativity. There’s always gonna be people that dont like Kanye but he dont need to help them put roadblocks in his way by appearing to be standoffish. Kanye makes great points but I think he could connect the dots a little better so people can follow the points of his statements so they can get over how they feel about Kanye personally and then see the bigger picture of why his perspective as an artist is important to the culture.

  • huh

    are people really giving this a DOPE when its on private?

  • what da hell

    why is this private?

  • rwe

    @marty mcfly ever heard of punctuation? holy shit let people breathe when they read your shit man

  • biff tannen

    Yeezus was god awful. Truly horrible. That being said, kanye is usually on point with the things he says. This interview is no exception. He comes off as a doucher but the man speaks nothing but truth. If hes really trying to break into corporate america and make his brand bigger all he needs to do is take notes from Jay. Dont see why he doesnt follow his blueprint.

  • Solomon Truth

    Why y’all trying to act like y’all understood what Ye’ was saying. Y’all did’n understand a word.

  • Quickstrike

    While I understand what he’s saying, he really does a poor job in properly articulating what his thought process is. It’s almost like he needs a filter or translator to define for everyone whose not in his head to know what he means. He uses examples to narrate the entire thing, which just comes off as rambling and can EASILY misinterpreted as such. At the end of the day he wants to be accredited for being the catalyst behind a couple of culture events; whether it be inmusic or fashion. And is frustrated by various corporations not giving him the creative freedoms he needs and feels he deserves. But at the end of the day I think that he should focus on the fact that he is recognized as music and fashion icon by his fans and most of his peers and not just look at which magazine; news publication; and award shows are praising him for what he thinks he is. He might need an intervention at some point because he might never get the acclaim from the people he’s seeking it from and that going to continue to eat at him.