Beyoncé - Drunk in Love f. JAY Z


With no warning whatsoever, Beyoncé ends off 2013 with Beyoncé: The Visual Album. A 14-track, 17-video album featuring guest appearances from JAY Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell, Timbaland, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Justin Timberlake, and more.

Take a listen to the JAY Z-assisted "Drunk In Love" and watch the accompanying video preview below. Beyoncé: The Visual Album is available now on iTunes.

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  • thatrandomguy

    Oh, it's like that huh....

    Outta nowhere with the new album! lol Next level shit

    • shake

      between this and hov's MCHG rollout? the carters man...

      • Guest

        King B? or Queen

        • shake

          haaaaa. good catch.

          • Vincent Jr

            Just a heads up, the carousel picture has "King Bey" on the caption.

      • Prince Akeem

        only counts if the album is good though. mchg was eh

        • marty mcfly

          Im not the expert on R&B music but judging by Beyonce past albums? Its like a 99.9% chance that when she does put out an album that its good. Just saying

          • Prince Akeem

            i didnt say otherwise. but i disagree

          • marty mcfly

            Like I said, im not the expert on her music and most times its kinda hard to get me to listen to an R&B album but I did listen to her last two albums and I was highly impressed. Just from a musical standpoint those were some incredibly dope albums.

          • Prince Akeem

            not to sound rude, but if youre admittedly ill equipped to formulate an
            objective opinion, why did you even respond in the first place?

          • poopooheadz

            Just ignore him...most of the time Marty just likes to hear himself talk (or see himself type). If you're lucky you'll get to see him respond to himself when nobody replies.

          • marty mcfly

            @Shithead, yeah cause sometimes that hate is just ridiculous. Every artist gets hated on but some of them have earned a certain level of artistic value and shown and proven their skill level for so many years that if somebody is hating, its more so about that person then the artist. Its some people that just dont like Beyonce and thats cool but musically? I mean its pretty obvious that there is a level of quality when Beyonce releases an album.

          • poopooheadz

            Funny, I don't remember saying anything about Beyonce. I guess this is one of those fancy "case in point" moments.

          • marty mcfly

            You not saying anything about Beyonce doesn't take away anything from what I said to you. The "case in point" would be that yes there is an actual point to what i've said. You on the other hand are lacking of any point whatsoever. There are 4 words in that very short statement in which you shit on the basis of your own comment and in the end still have no point.

          • poopooheadz

            Ah, so i suppose I can talk to you about how much I like baskets, and even though you aren't talking about baskets and it's completely irrelevant to your previous point, it still doesn't take away from how much I like baskets. Interesting.

            And my point was that you just rabble on and on for no apparent reason, with no end in sight (even responding to your own comments, which is hilarious by the way...please don't stop doing this). Yes the classic wall of text method which I am so cleverly deploying at the moment to prove a point.

            Ah well...carry on Marty Mcfly, you brave internet soldier. To each his own. At least we have the ability to downvote you now :)

          • marty mcfly

            @Shithead, its mothafuckas like you that always got some shit to say but never say shit. The basis of your primitive argument is that there is no substance or point to my comments. First of all your commenting on my responses back to people who commented on my initial comment. Obviously there is something in the context of discussion so the "case in point" of your comments is that you have no real case or point stupidass.

          • poopooheadz

            Seems I've hit a nerve...

            Not sure if you've realized, but you don't have to actually do the "@" thing see it's a thread based system that notifies when someone's replied and actually has a little arrow with the name at the end. With the amount of time you spend on comments I had assumed that you'd seen it, but I digress.

            Once again, mindblowing name-calling ability. Truly award-worthy. If they gave an award for things like that. They really should.

            An interesting thing about the internet is that one can reply with analysis of a previous commenter's thought process. This often aids in either supporting their argument, or exploiting it's flaws. I'd like to think this does the latter for you, but who am I kidding...your opinion is correct and that's really it. Bravo. If I'm not certain, you are the first person to achieve this.

          • Guest

            not to sound rude, but if youre admittedly ill equipped to formulate an objective opinion why did you respond in the first place?

          • marty mcfly

            because at this point its more then obvious that Beyonce of all people is most likely gonna make good material. You sound like a Taylor Swift fan thats just angry at the fact that a more talented singer exists. If your questioning if an album from Beyonce is even gonna be good at this point then I guess you've not been listening to the last 15 plus years she's been making music. Is an album from Beyonce gonna be good? Really? Id say yes at this point. Of course even.

          • marty mcfly

            Thats like debating if whether the next Gnarles Barkley album is gonna be "good"? Yes fool yes, some artists are just that good.

  • Shapey

    so that the new shit? jay z gave us 3 weeks notice, ye gave us 2, n Beyonce doesnt... at all. "She fucks me up A. Just came out the blue wit some coke?" **Mitch voice

    • shake

      crazy right? i always imagined detox would drop like this. or always hoped for.

      • Cam TexasBoy Perry

        if detox drops like this. wouldn't shock me if it went platinum first week

        • jordan

          no way in hell drake selling more than 200 k first week even if his album is full of big names

          • jordan

            idk how it went from dre to drake

          • cjd

            Detox is an anticipated Dr. Dre album... not drake

      • thatrandomguy

        Detox drops tomorrow! #plottwist

        • Jared Colon

          Only if it's Executive produced by M. night Shyamalan

          • AlexFirth91


      • codeboi

        An then this shit sounds good! She needed this

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        I believe we wont see Detox until his Beats venture dries up. I think he would have to be bored as fuck before he drops it.

        • shake

          true. then we're NEVER getting the LP.

    • COLDCASE187

      hahaha u stupid

  • wat

    Why is she rapping in a "turn up" style?

    • gaint ball

      why does Jay Z bite the guy that's in your picture???

      • Enjoyer of Music

        stupidest response ever

  • Frak


  • marty mcfly

    This is a WOW factor moment right here. Beyonce is a huge artist just in case there is anybody left on the planet that doesn't realize that. She gotta gang of new songs and a visual for every song on the album coming out and that fact that it just shows up outta no where (much like MCHG) has its own level of dopeness to it. This is definitely some new rules shit right here. Its gonna be some artists thats stuck in the past but it should be a point now to not only make dope music but also have something dope about how an album is released now. This is beyond DOPE and on a sidenote, Jay need to drop that Fuckwitmeyouknowigotit video already.

    • AlexFirth91

      Lol word need that video.

      • marty mcfly

        Yeah that video and also it be nice if Jay Electronica's album popped up outta the land of Oz soon too.

    • Dat nigga

      This nigga rides jays dick so hard, got him bumping that new Beyoncé

      • marty mcfly

        I didnt say anything about bumping anything fukboy. I talked about how the album was delivered dumbass. Get off MY dick instead of commenting about my comments next time.

        • poopooheadz

          Way to go Marty! You really showed him! Great name-calling ability! +1 internet point!

    • ShatteredWorld

      I agree with Marty this time around; although you really can't compare the promo for MCHG to this.

      • marty mcfly

        Yeah there is an element thats different being that you can get her album right now but the element of surprise is still comparable because the promo video for MCHG where Jay gave a month notice before its release came outta no where. There's no hype for MCHG, no build up. Just some promo videos and some posted lyrics and then the whole body of work was delivered all at once. So the main thing is these two albums were delivered outside of the regular album release system that normally rolls out a album. Now there are people that dont like Jayz or Beyonce so they might not be able to see whats so dope about that but if you imagine an artist that you do like and look forward to (like Jay Elec album) just surprising you all at once with the full album? Thats prolly a more enjoyable listening experience then having the album broken down into commercial pieces and then waiting weeks and weeks as more material is put out, criticized and taken outta context and intended purpose etc...

        • marty mcfly

          Not suggesting this particular way would work for a newer artist but just speaking in terms of creative ways in general of putting out album material is a good thing..


    The Carters man…the MFn Carters.

    what could happen next?

    • shake

      There's really nothing else that can be said.



    • Fstan

      Yeah apparently that her singing on the beginning

    • Black Crime Rate

      Corny as shit…


        I agree, but naming yourself Juice Crew is corny as shit too, Batty Boyz seems more suitable.

        • Black Crime Rate


  • AlexFirth91

    Money A Do it *Juicy J voice*

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      A wise quote my friend. I bet many people did not realize the premise of that song, because it came from a trap rapper.

  • biff tannen

    Already this sounds better than mchg. Jay still dropping wack verses.

    Get mad

  • Nuance

    She been hanging with Iggy Azalea too much

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      This sounds nothing like that god awful pop tart rapper LOL.

  • LaFlame

    Bossmove! Only the Carters can afford to release an album without any promotion whatsoever. Or they just play it smart because they know this is good promotion too! In either way... Bosses!

    • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

      Kept it from leaking and proved they don't need singles getting radio spins or videos on MTV/BET to promote it just like with MCHG and Yeesus.

  • LMK!

    Carters' the trendsetters

  • Sirilly

    I'm so sick of their reign, can somebody come and overthrow this overrated power couple please! Coup d'état! Coup d'état!

  • Cheeba G


  • Sounds great! Crazy In Love = Drunk In Love.

  • Alekssandre Fortunato


  • Hov steady updates the style without sounding like he's reaching. He just sounds comfortable on the mic. Gotta hand it to him b/c there are only a handful of dudes who ever pulled that off.

  • Big V

    This joint is boring as hell... Lay-Zzzzzzzzzzz

  • TheRealTC

    I'm sure the music will be decent and this is a cool move but it's by no means "Next Level". I swear, the hip hop community has the shortest memory spans out there when it comes to marketing techniques. Next thing you know it, Kendrick will put his album out on cassette and y'all will lose your minds like it's never happened before. On that note, I'm looking forward to giving this a listen and maybe copping it so my girl doesn't have to play that Drake shit non-stop anymore.

    • TheRealTC

      Also, Shout out to the DMCA for sucking the fun out of music.

      • shake

        Song is back up through another player.

    • marty mcfly

      Nah, its some next level shit. It shouldn't be hard to see either cause its like right there. Albums of industry quality that comes outta no where so they fans can listen to the full body of work at once and theres also a visual aspect with a video for every song... Thats kinda next level homie.

      • marty mcfly

        "artistic quality"

      • TheRealTC

        Why? because she's got such a big name? Using that logic, you could basically have her or Kanye, or Hov doing shit that indie artists do all of the time (which they pretty much did) and they'll get praise (which they did). I won't say this isn't a cool move, but Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, and every other nigga with a mixtape have done this. Did y'all forget about Death Grips doing this shit TWICE already? It being "industry-quality" doesn't mean a thing. Then you've got the "visual album" part of it, but let's be honest, she grabbed that term from Mr. Carter and his "Performance Film". Releasing all of the music videos at once only means she won't be able to keep the hype going for the album a few months from now without some other "genius" marketing technique. All in all, it's cool what she did, but let's be honest and admit that the only reason we tout the marketing moves of the Carter family as "Genius" lately is because of name recognition. If Beyonce's sister (Solange) would have done the same thing, most of y'all wouldn't give two fucks.

        • marty mcfly

          Nah its pretty incredible shit. You aint gotta take more word for it. Listen to the songs and watch the videos and be real with yourself. This isnt some throw together bullshit from a weak bitch with little talent. This is the material of a very highly skilled performer, vocalist and song writer with high quality material. Part of the "genius" is the level of attention to detail that Beyonce takes with her music. You can bring up what other people have done in the past but that dont really negate what Beyonce is doing now. At this present moment its her material thats out there and the delivery was pretty "genius". Again you aint gotta take my word for it but the evidence of this new projects performance and delivery is out there.

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      While I understand what you are saying I disagree with you, Name one popular artist without the machine backing them that can pull this off and be good right now? When it comes to mainstream R&B Bey has proven that her stuff is good. Pop artist take a year or two years to make albums and it still sounds like shit. She just dropped some shit for the hell of it, and I must say it is good this is talent.

      I know a lot of people hate on her, but it is because she actually makes good music, she is one of the few R&B artist I hear right now who did not stray too far from R&B.

  • d-bo

    Instead of talking about the actual music, everyone talkin about how albums are released. Nobody cares about music anymore, they jus care about image. Fact.

    • marty mcfly

      Id say doing a video for almost every song on the album does suggest that somebody really cares about the music.

      • d-bo

        I couldn't give less of a fuck about this album. I read the comments and it was like... Kanye did this, Jay did this. I'm saying worry about the content first before you worry about the promotion. Labels and A&Rs ruin music. Fuck a Beyonce album. I'll let my girl buy that shit. And, since when does making a video for a track mean you care about the music. To me, that means you care about sales and not content.

        • marty mcfly

          There is no A&Ring with this album cause you getting it all at one time. There is no single or marketed commercialism tactic, its all there on itunes at the same time. If the fan chooses to watch the visuals then thats a plus. If you wouldn't really listen to her album regardless then it doesn't matter what she does because you just dont like her as an artist period but for people that actually like her music to begin with, then it is something thats dope because their not looking for reasons to hate the album. I'm into hip hop BUT when I hear Beyonce's music I can hear what makes it good so I like the music so therefore most of my attention is held by the musicality but the added bonus of visuals is a plus in my book.

          • marty mcfly

            I mean if you actually heard the whole album in less then 24 hrs and made the decision that you dont like the music then ok but I've listened to about 4 songs so far and they sound good to me. Beyonce making really hard to hate on any artistic value here imo.

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            I agree, she does have a voice and has great range, if someone were to not like her it would be due to popularity reasons. She is better than 99% of pop artist out there now. None of them have her voice, from Lorde, Katy Perry all the way to other fan favorites.

        • Kyle GoGettem’ Jacobs

          You sound like an idiot!

  • bigjapes

    shes a baddie. enough said

  • So Biggie couldn't do it, Jay-Z tried twice and failed, Eminem couldn't either, but Beyonce finally did a real "Black album". Congratulate this chick on showing these cats how its done

  • TrueGem17

    Never been a fan of Beyonce. Just not my type of music. But this song is dope!

  • tdotj
  • three

    i liked when jay had a more fluid flow rather than this broken up type thing he's been doing. its like three words, stop three more, stop.


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