Willie The Kid – Avalon f. Roc Marciano


With Bronze Nazareth on the beat, Willie and Roc go toe-for-toe on this track from Willie and Bronze's The Living Daylights which drops on February 11th. Yes, that's the same sample used in Dr. Dre's "The Next Episode."

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    man i cant wait for The Living Daylights

  • Marley71

    I was about to say the production overshadowed the lyrics, then I looked up to see it's Bronze Nazareth. Not surprised. No discredit to WTK and Marciano, but damn Bronze just did killed this.

  • Tino

    Willie is always dope to me, thrown in Roc Marci and its a no fucking brainer, this beat absolutely goes, Salutes to Bronze Nazareth.

  • Vito17


  • Tha 4orce

    Undeniable DOPENESS!

  • macturnal


  • AndOneill

    Can't wait for this tape!! Willie got the best ear for beats man! These two are dope together on a track,

  • Thee Knockout Artist

    how do you take the next episode sample,and kill dre on his own shit.I'm telling yall Bronze is a problem

    • willj

      Dre flipped it into a beat. Bronze just looped up Axelrod and Macallums shit. Lazy. Dope for cats to spit over but uninspired production.

      • Thee Knockout Artist

        like your better smh trust me he did more than loop it

        • willj

          Lol... I made no claims of being better. Just an avid record collector. Listen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9jHiifI74Q and tell me what more he did?

          • Thee Knockout Artist

            I already did If you listen baseline is better and drums are better is what I caught

  • fonzo517

    Michigan all day!

  • Pizza Steve

    Good gracious, Willie just keep KILLING IT!! Then throw in Roc Marciano & a crazy instrumental by Bronze Nazareth, thats a guarantee winner for us hip hop heads!