• http://www.averyashlay.com/ averyashlay

    dang. this kinda hard. smfh. "my desire for fine things made me a liar"

    • dawkinslotto

      yeah he just let you know he lying about to anything that was associated with selling drugs...Not saying that to encourage drug selling but damn homie

  • Chris Brown

    wack video

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    Ross got a lot better. Just waiting for dude to talk about something real now because it still sounds like the shit he was talking about from the first album.

  • $$$

    The revolt player is fucking wack. They need to fix this fullscreen bullshit that happens every time in google chrome

  • zamieo

    They BUTCHERED the original version. French Montana's singing stinks and Rick Ross' bars are ridiculously average. Puffy really might be Satan for co-signing this bullshit.