Rick Ross – Nobody f. French Montana & Diddy (Video)

blame it on Illy February 27, 2014

Before Mastermind is released this Tuesday, Rick Ross liberates one last music video. Running with “Nobody,” his remake of Notorious B.I.G.’s original “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You),” Rozay relives his near-death experience from 2013 that involved him being shot at while chilling in his Rolls Royce.

Take a look at the movie music video up top, and be sure to stream Rick Ross’ Mastermind before you pre-order on iTunes.

  • Bem Ali Joiner

    Did Puff point at himself when he said God? Idk, but, uhhhhh

  • cam

    This album is soo fxckin ILL dogg!!! &I’m not even a Ross fan like that!!!

  • LaFlame

    Niggas be callin’ themself God and yall keep giving these niggas money? Nahh I’d rather buy Oxymoron… I aint hatin’, but theres limits to this shit.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Niggas been calling themselves Gods since hip-hop has existed lol…ever heard of the 5%ers

      • Bem Ali Joiner

        yeah, i agree, homie, but you and i both know that was a little more 85’er than sons of the god and earth shit. thing is, until he pointed at himself, i agreed with everything he is saying……

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      So many acts in hip-hop have been doing this shit since its inception, the famous Wu-tang empire are notorious for it you know.

  • thatrandomguy


    Looking forward to a Sanctified video though.

  • Shapey

    This was a good video tho, shot really well

  • Tino

    Dope video but come on Ross is really tryna take advantage of him getting shot at huh? over playing that gangster image, we get it ross you got shot at, the same intro for every video tho? Lame

    • rappers do that. TI, 50 cent, even Tupac. Now, I’m not saying Rick is Tupac, so lets not go there, but come on, that’s what rappers do. lol

  • OMG

    Officer Rick searches buttholes and digs out poop from inmates he looks

    in their buttcracks for drugs and and tickles their nutsacks and cracks.

  • Orpheo Pedro

    ‘my desire for the finer things made me a liar”.

  • Mob One

    Nice album Ricky

  • DC King Of Hearts

    This might be the next album I get.

  • soulonice_

    Does this kinda remind anybody of the Many Men video just a lil bit? Maybe its just me, good video tho.

  • Bx..Raised

    the album mastermind is not all that stop hyping this man up i never been a fan and that is facts i listened to the stream from 1 out of 5 mastermind gets a 3 why i say that cuz the album doesnt impress me to even be a fan of this so called rapper cmon officer ricky is overrated way overrated all his songs are mostly the same he makes me yawn……and as for diddy he been played out ever since the late great biggie past away

  • Bx..Raised

    and im only giving him a 3 cuz i only like one beat on his album lol the rest is borrriiiiinnnng and please i dont care about no one elses comments so if u wanna yap your BS go ahead lol officer ricky still trash