Did Andre 3000 Confirm New Solo Album?

blame it on Meka June 9, 2014

This weekend the fourth annual Governors Ball festival hit my adopted city, where OutKast were among the many highlights throughout the weekend. While the word getting back was that they’ve drastically improved their set since the Coachella days, he spoke (off-camera) to HipHopWired to not-so-formally announce that he is in fact working on his long-overdue follow-up to The Love Below. Who truly knows if there is any truth to this, but if 3 Stacks is at least talking about new music then there’s some positivity to be taken from that.

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          • RϰϰςΨ

            Extra sweet for all 4 of ya’ll niggas :

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            Pizza baguette?

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            Fruitcake dunn dunn

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  • Doc Jota

    it is known he’s working on music for some years…..

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  • marty mcfly

    Rapping? Or will it sound like a disney soundtrack again?

    • Guest

      You on your Van Gogh…

      • 32gq

        Real shit swear people now days don’t know good music anymore everything seems to need a trap beat and talk in bout drugs and females now days

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    I won’t hold my breath. Let’s get a single and/or tracklist/album title before we get our collective hopes up…

  • It’s True Sorry

    Now the question is, is it hiphop or wishwash?

  • It’s True Sorry

    I thought they said Andre 3000 confirmed, since when andre 3000 look like a teenage ross?

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    The only niggas that gives a fuck :

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    Hahahahaha good joke. Thats never happening.

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    Damn the comment section on this site is weak. All you nikkas do is put up memes.

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    Andre on his own is lame as fuck to me – It’s OutKast or nothing

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    Who’s dropping 1st Jay elect or Stacks?

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      By the looks of it, The Compton Billionaire has a better chance of dropping his album before these guys…

    • 1990tillinfinity

      The Compton Billionaire has a better chance of dropping his album way before these dudes…

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    He forgot to mention, its a double album along with the other Dre. B-side to Detox…

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    It will drop when Detox does….. Neveruary 32nd…