• Jamaal Rooks


    • kW


      • malcyvelli


        • Seif


          • RϰϰςΨ

            Extra sweet for all 4 of ya'll niggas :

          • Motion Picture Story

            Pizza baguette?

          • Righteousness

            Fruitcake dunn dunn

          • KingOfSwing


  • Doc Jota

    it is known he's working on music for some years.....

  • ogtripleog


  • marty mcfly

    Rapping? Or will it sound like a disney soundtrack again?

    • Guest

      You on your Van Gogh…

      • 32gq

        Real shit swear people now days don't know good music anymore everything seems to need a trap beat and talk in bout drugs and females now days

  • Pizza Steve
  • ForeverWePush

    I won't hold my breath. Let's get a single and/or tracklist/album title before we get our collective hopes up...

  • It’s True Sorry

    Now the question is, is it hiphop or wishwash?

  • It’s True Sorry

    I thought they said Andre 3000 confirmed, since when andre 3000 look like a teenage ross?

  • thatrandomguy
  • RϰϰςΨ

    The only niggas that gives a fuck :

  • Dave

    Hahahahaha good joke. Thats never happening.

  • James Stanford

    Damn the comment section on this site is weak. All you nikkas do is put up memes.

  • YahMamma

    Andre on his own is lame as fuck to me - It's OutKast or nothing

  • 1990tillinfinity

    Who's dropping 1st Jay elect or Stacks?

    • 1990tillinfinity

      By the looks of it, The Compton Billionaire has a better chance of dropping his album before these guys...

    • 1990tillinfinity

      The Compton Billionaire has a better chance of dropping his album way before these dudes...

  • ATK

    He forgot to mention, its a double album along with the other Dre. B-side to Detox...

  • Ohms


  • Shapey


  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    It will drop when Detox does..... Neveruary 32nd...