Ab-Soul Unveils ‘These Days…’ Tracklist, Drops Title Track Featuring The O’My’s

blame it on Meka June 13, 2014

Just in time for your Friday night shenanigans, Ab-Soul liberates the title track from his upcoming album These Days… (6/24).

Produced by Chicago’s Blended Babies, featuring The O’My’s (also from the Chi) and MixedByAli, “These Days” can be heard below.

As an added bonus, check out the album’s official tracklisting – featuring the likes of Rick Ross, Danny Brown, J. Cole, JMSN, the entire Black Hippy crew and more – down bottom.

01 God’s Reign f. SZA (prod. Purity Ring)
02 Tree of Life (prod. Curtiss King)
03 Hunnid Stax f. ScHoolboy Q (prod. Kenny Beats)
04 Dub Sac (prod. Dave Free & Tommy Black)
05 World Runner’s f. Lupe Fiasco & Nikki Jean (prod. Tae Beast)
06 Nevermind That f. Rick Ross (prod. The Kathy)
07 Twact f. Jinx & Short Dawg (prod. Dync3)
08 Just Have Fun (prod. Like & Blended Babies)
09 Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude (prod. Terrace Martin)
10 Closure (prod. Sounwave)
11 Sapiosexual (prod. J. Cole)
12 Stigmata f. Action Bronson & Asaad (prod. Rahki)
13 Feelin’ Us f. Jay Rock & Ravaugn (prod. Skhye Hutch)
14 Ride Slow f. Danny Brown & Delusional Thomas (prod. Larry Fisherman)
15 W.R.O.H. f. JMSN (prod. Tae Beast)

Additional vocals are being provided by Jhené Aiko, Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, BJ the Chicago Kid, RetcH, Da$h and more. Check out the album’s back cover for a complete run down. UPDATESnippets of each track are now available, courtesy of Amazon.

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  • Arun Gopal

    He put that Migos flow on a soulful cut. That’s what you call dope.

    • Lego Dre

      Migo’s did not start this flow, Chi-town & Cleveland underground rappers started this Flow, but you right so dope

      • LaFlame

        Nah many other people before used it including three 6 mafia but Migos made it famous so it is the Migos flow.

        • Lego Dre

          NOBODY & I’ll say it again NOBODY use this Flow but Chi-town niggas (i.e. Psychodrama, Do or Die, Twista was the fastest rapper in the early 90’s then slowed it down, Crucial Conflict, Infamous Syndicate with Shawna from DTP) & Cleveland (i.e. Bone Thugs, Mo Thugs, 116th Soldiers, MGK, Chip tha Ripper on his first mixtapes,MAJORITY of the underground tapes that drop there) Memphis STARTED flowing like this after GANGSTA PAT,Look up Gangsta Pat, he was huge on the underground scene in memphis & was rapping like this way before 3-6, KNOW THE HISTORY

          • Hood America

            he is actually right.. PREACH, this man know his stuff

  • Tino


  • Megazord91

    Thats the Ab I know

  • Seif

    Hunnid Stax and Dub Sacc are disappointing, but that’s the industry these days… (ha, get it?)
    Seems like Ab returned the favor from Section 80 to K Dot too.

    • Right? I’m shocked that Dub Sac even made it over Only 1.

  • AndOneill

    This is dope as fuck man! Soulo.. Can’t wait for the album

  • man i love soul

  • no1spesh

    Kendrick Lamar’s interlude tho.. Prod by t martin

    • Omega

      Dude if he match the intensity of the Ab-Soul interlude off Section.80

      • padawan_killah

        ab soul outro*

    • Johnny Boy

      Terrace is a very underrated producer.

      • Josh Morse


      • realness29

        Terrace is a musician, he is too talented across the board to only be known as a “producer”….all those sax sounds and other stuff you are hearing in his music was played by him.


    iits not a migos flow,shit been around

    • Arun Gopal

      true…honestly they got it from Three 6

    • Prince Akeem

      lets not pretend migos didnt popularize it and are the reason why all these niggas are doing it

  • Zach Rhodes

    R.I.P the Dope/Nope Button…

    • Bambi

      Forreal. Put the Dope/Nope Button back on!!!

      • Drew

        Bring that back Shake!!

  • leutrim

    Umm, These Days… isn’t on the tracklist…

    Otherwise, this was very cool

    • Bambi

      I like it like that cuz its like a bonus track. we already heard three from album, another one woulda been pushing it

      • leutrim

        I honestly don’t mind as long as the project is good

      • producedbytez

        It will be part of Track 8.

    • Jay Daniels

      I was thinking, maybe it’s a hidden track. Ya know how TDE love to hide a second song in there. I.e. the art of peer pressure and maad city.

      • leutrim

        i dont think they’d only put out half the track though, feel me?

    • producedbytez

      Its actually part of Track 8. I think possibly the second half.

      • leutrim

        that makes sense, because track 8 is the only song with the blended babies producing, nice catch

  • dontmatter

    What’s up with all the damn features

  • Azim Esmail

    Looking forward to track 5, 11, 14, and 15.


    This album gonna be the truth

  • Just the tip

    Now I’m excited for this project. Was getting a bit worried.

  • Damien West

    God damn he got lupe and nikki? Hip Hop Saved My Life pt.2

    • datbul

      Lupe said he did 3 or 4 songs with Nikki Jean. So we could very well hear more of her on Tetsuo & Youth.

  • Q Z A

    holy shit The O’My’s??!?!?! that is so FUCKING DOPE. where have they been? Blended Babies x The O’My’s x SOULO? jesus fuck, I’m officially psyched for this release now, look at those production credits too shit.. Purity Ring? Like of Pac Div? Terrace, Tae, Skhye, Sounwave, Cole? This will be one of the albums of the year I think

    • Josh Morse


  • Bambi

    Super excited for this and also for the fact that Rock’s album is next up!

  • Alex

    Too many Features! Though, it looks so fucking dope. Cole, Lupe, Danny brown,TDE, fuckkkkkkk

  • Black Crime Rate

    I don’t want to hear Mac on this album.

    • Josh Morse

      I don’t think u got much of a choice; Mac x TDE alum made endless amounts of crack together, and they gotta enjoy making the art far before they goin’ give a shit who wants to hear it

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      LOL at you’re name. I can just picture a troll white rapper, or some real hood nigga with that name hahaha!

  • Cheese

    Kendrick Lamar Interlude tho….could be the first solo Kdot in a couple years…

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    man I did not like dub sac nor hunnid stax when I heard them. those tracks were so disappointing, hope they sound better in context of the album. too many features imo but they all make sense (except for Rick Ross like wtf?!). All in all I hope this album is as good if not better than Control System & maybe now Ab will get the shine he deserves.

    • getyourmoneynowhoe

      The Rick Ross feature makes sense for an album, seeing how albums need singles, and singles require saturated features.

      • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

        i don’t see how they’d fit together on a track. yea ab can make a club banger if he wanted but idk what him & ross together would sound like, or what they’d rap about

        • getyourmoneynowhoe

          Well you know what Ross is gonna rap about, the same shit he always does. Hook a probably go “Bitch come fuck a real nigga nevermind that nigga” Bitch I got them big figgas nevermind them niggas”

          • Hossacip

            haha I am tired of hearing that from rozay though!

    • Quasi.OG

      Dub sack and Hunnis stacks are just fun songs tbh. I wasn’t expecting too much

  • Dat nigga

    Okay, this nigga worse than I thought. Can’t believe the nigga said “swear this the only time I use this flow.” Damn homie, if it’s that bad, why YOU use it? Wanna be like jay that bad huh? And nah, it don’t GO over a soulful beat. Shits just annoying. Trap flows is for trap beats. Tryin to hard bruh.

    Bring on the Mac n cheese 4 please.

    P.s. I wasn’t gonna say nothing till he said that shit in the beginning hating on the migos. Them niggaz got jay z to rap that flow and get on a trap beat FOR FREE. As in he wasn’t paid for it, he just did it cuz it was dope. We been fiend’n since beach is better.

    But the self righteous false prophet shit this nigga got going on is too much. Like my nigga, if you got a better flow, then spit it. But don’t steal the flow and act like it ain’t shit to begin with. The fake shit is too much with these new niggaz. And the bars was C-. Wasn’t spitting no Hov shit like “hop off the slaveship, pop off my chain I got it goldplated.” Nah, he spit some average shit. These new niggaz is all shock value no substance.

    Mac n cheese 4! Frenchie, hop out that kardashian nani and show niggaz how to work samples. Just sayin.

    And by the way, meek mill is king at using different flows outta the new school. Absoul, just stick to what you was doing before the migos came out. Lol just sayin.

    • Fuck All Y’all

      Frenchie? That made your whole comment invalid. To those who chose to skip his bitchfit, he told Frenchie to show niggas how to work samples.

      • Dat nigga

        Yeah frenchie. As in French Montana. “Nowadays good music fall on deaf ears.”

      • Dat nigga

        Stop hatin lol

    • Quasi.OG

      Lmao at “stealing” a flow that was already stolen.

      • Dat nigga

        Knock it off. Niggaz love to try to discredit somebody with irrelevancy. Like nigga no. Niggaz can’t even reference or pull the shit they got it from. Stop it 5.

    • Josh Morse

      fuckin’ Apples & Oranges; how you even get into a comparison between Soul, French, and/or Hov is beyond me!! Either way Ab-Soul is killin’ the damn game, and not just on some cereal box trap rap shit like French! This IS an art form remember, so move past the finger-paint level. I love all four of the MCs mentioned in your comment, and in each their own respect; but you outcha fuckin’ mind on this tip

  • Jay Daniels

    I got one thing to say. DUB SAC MADE IT!! ROLLIN ROUND LIKE FUCK IT!

    • nickbododo


  • Quasi.OG

    I hope this album will be great.Control System is a dmn near perfect album. The fact that he has so man features doesn’t ruin for me tbh, and I’m interested in how all of the additional vocals work out. Shoutout to my niggas Retch and Dash puttin on for Jersey, and fuck La for winning the Stanley Cup.

    • Johnny Boy

      Haha! U mad? Go Kings Go!!

  • Quasi.OG

    Niggas will hate on that Ross verse till no end but I personally enjoy Rick Ross as a feature, I think certain rappers abd artist bring out the best in him

    • Jay Daniels

      Nah, i’ve grown to dig me some Rozay. He never really disappoints when he features on classic albums.

  • Jay Daniels

    “These Days” could be a hidden song on “Just Have Fun” by reading the tracklist I can see Blended Babies and O Mys are both credited. And the first half would be produced by “Like”.

  • Kidd

    I’m hoping W.R.O.H is we really out here my nigga lol

  • Guest

    Hell yea another song with Lupe!

  • 2dope4nope

    Hmm, I guess fuck a druggy with hoes re-re-repeat huh wish that humid stax didn’t make the cut as well the dub sac!!! I would’ve dug a feature w/ Isaiah Rashad just going back and forth on some ish but oh well 24th it is!!!

  • Herbclouds

    Wait the OH MYS!

  • Ohms

    soulo still not gonna eat tho

  • PROgressive Era

    “Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude” produced by terrance martin. thats great lol, shouts to “Ab-Soul’s Outro” produced by terrance martin on section 80

  • Johnny Boy

    Looks cool but, why Rick Ross, Soul? Whyyyy!!!????

  • soulprint

    that’s soul right here

  • Jay Daniels

    Ya’ll get hype over the wrong songs I swear. All 4 previous releases are better than this little interlude.

    • Jay Daniels

      This is tight tho i’m just sayin’

  • I’m so far disappointed in every track solo release so far for this album . Like others had stated he has way to many features on this album. Where is Willie be at? I don’t like the fact he does not have a production credit on the album. I still got my hopes high though, I cant criticize a album that I haven’t heard yet. However Judging off the singles alone I’m a little bit worried.

  • Witness The Fitness
  • ATK

    I feel like there are too many features here. Ab-Soul is not one of those artists that needs features. He could do an album by himself and it would still be dope…

  • Damn Lupe’s on this!? Fuck!

  • AlienGod

    I already can tell that this album is not going to be as good as control system. TDE should have stayed indie.

    • Dat nigga


  • bodiddlywiddly

    Hopefully they put Dub Sac through some more mastering for the album…. song is potentially dope as hell

  • bodiddlywiddly

    And straight outta left field with the ross feature… probably gonna be dope knowing soul

  • Josh Morse

    Judging by the first few tracks off ‘These Days’, there’s no doubt in my mind it will easily be one of the best records droppin’ in ’14!! Soul-O is a musical and lyrical genius and this body of work is shaping up to be no less than another masterpiece from the TDE camp!! HIIIPOWER

  • Hossacip

    Isn’t it ironic how Ab Soul and Danny Brown have a record together called “Drive Slow” but they can’t drive at all.

  • padawan_killah

    am i wrong or is this track not on the album?

  • Dave

    Everything is perfect. From the features to the producers and even the additional vocals are from amazing people. Cant wait.

  • sam30317

    Love, love, love this beat & the vocals…….just wish Ab Soul wasnt on it >___>

  • I can’t wait til this bullshxt drops so TDE can have 4 flopped albums uunder their belt for 2014 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Johnny Boy

      So it’s all about who sells the most records to you?

      In that case MC Hammer is the greatest rapper to ever live by your logic.

  • friends b friends

    I would have wished for less features, but it’ll work out

  • fonzo517

    dope cover

  • DRE

    Where can I get an ACTUAL copy of the CD?