Ab-Soul – These Days… [Snippets]

blame it on Shake June 14, 2014

If you haven’t been marking your calendars, we’re just ten days away from the release of Ab-Soul’s highly-anticipated album These Days… (6/24)! Yesterday we got to hear the title track and take a look at the official tracklisting. Now, thanks to Amazon, we’re blessed with snippets of each track. I know there are many fans (including myself) that don’t like to ruin the first impression, but let’s face it… there are even more people out there that eat this type of thing up. So, enjoy.

One interesting tidbit you might want to make note of though: “W.R.O.H,” the track with JMSN, is labelled to be 23 minutes long. Could this be their lost Unit 6 project!? Who knows…

01 God’s Reign f. SZA (prod. Purity Ring)
02 Tree of Life (prod. Curtiss King)
03 Hunnid Stax f. ScHoolboy Q (prod. Kenny Beats)
04 Dub Sac (prod. Dave Free & Tommy Black)
05 World Runner’s f. Lupe Fiasco & Nikki Jean (prod. Tae Beast)
06 Nevermind That f. Rick Ross (prod. The Kathy)
07 Twact f. Jinx & Short Dawg (prod. Dync3)
08 Just Have Fun (prod. Like & Blended Babies)
09 Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude (prod. Terrace Martin)
10 Closure (prod. Sounwave)
11 Sapiosexual (prod. J. Cole)
12 Stigmata f. Action Bronson & Asaad (prod. Rahki)
13 Feelin’ Us f. Jay Rock & Ravaugn (prod. Skhye Hutch)
14 Ride Slow f. Danny Brown & Delusional Thomas (prod. Larry Fisherman)
15 W.R.O.H. f. JMSN (prod. Tae Beast)

SNIPPETS: Ab-Soul ‘These Days…’ [Amazon]

  • fuh q

    I’d rather listen to these snippets than half of the shit thats out now

  • we’ll see doe

    pleasantly surprised.

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Can’t fuckin wait. Ab is my fav outta TDE..

  • Freshsup

    Game over haha.

  • shovel

    He better have another project coming out this year and i will be highly disappointed if thats the unit 6 project with him and JMSN

    • shake

      How are you disappointed if you’ve only heard :30 seconds of a possible 23 minutes?

      • Frank Kennedy

        He’s saying he will be disappointed if his other project is the project he has with JMSN. C’mon shake.

      • shovel

        I would rather hear it as a project than a track itself, the cover art, the title of the songs, and the realese date even the anticipation may seem little to others but i like to include all of that into the project itself and would hate to see it as just a track after all the hype the guys brought

        • Jay Daniels

          Well said my dude. I would like to see it as it’s own packaged release too. Not just slapped onto the back of These Days… I don’t believe it will be unit 6 anyway. If anything, the 23 minutes will include the bonus material for these days. That or it’s perhaps a mistake by Amazon which is what I thought initially. You’ll also notice all the singles released so far have different lasting times listed on Amazon. Perhaps there’s a lot of skits similar to Kendricks album. Who knows.

  • shovel

    The only snippets i would listen to is Kendrick Lamars interlude and Sapiosexual, i want to see how good they produced them tracks

  • AlienGod

    This album sounds very disappointing just by the snippets.

  • Bernard

    Definitely has a darker tone to it. TDE brought refreshing production as always. And Soul is rapping hard, i’m excited.

  • cam

    I don’t judge to heavy by snippets. But this sounds like it’s going to be below average. Hopefully I’m wrong after I hear the full song. TDE is having such a great year with the releases of Cilvia Demo, Oxymoron, &Z. Hopefully Soul doesn’t ruin that. JAY ROCK UP NEXT HOPEFULLY!!!

  • deeznuts

    After this album I want that Jay Rock asap!!!

  • Sirilly

    I got a feeling I’m going to love this album. Come on June 24th. “Just Have Fun” sounds dope as hell to me btw.

  • Gary Eagelton


    • Design Mongrel

      As I read this the beat dropped. SMH LOL.

  • HeruthaGod (Original N-G-R)

    soon as I heard ride slow I knew mac produced it smh. I fucks with mac but I really wish he had nothing to do with this album. still have high hopes for this album. that Kendrick interlude sounds like it will be crazy tho

  • alsdfj

    most of it sounds weak…sorry, not sorry

  • rodriguez

    Kendrick starts the Kendrick Interlude with a bit of Tupac

  • 2dope4nope

    I wish he got the push that he deserves but guess he and Rock are the black sheeps! I just hope Jay Rock drops a project like that “money trees” track either way its all about Soulo though!

  • Pizza Steve

    Some of you hip hop fans “these days” are fickle. The snippets sounded dope, Soulo will deliver.


    W.R.O.H. sounds FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!



  • Danjamouf

    3 or 4 songs that shouldn’t have made the cut imo, but very much looking forward to hearing it in full.
    Hans Soulo never disappooints

  • Lorant Mena

    the jmsn tracks 23 minutes long

  • child

    it seems like all these new rappers are running out of things to say. there is nothing refreshing about these rappers now. i dont see them lasting ten yrs in the game.

  • Q Z A

    Where is the title track? Part of that 23 minutes maybe?

  • Henny and Weed

    Kendrick Lamar’s Interlude ??? lol can’t wait

  • frank

    I’m extremely excited about this project. Ab-soul hasn’t had a full project in a minute (long while). Anyways, I know this is a digital download and the format on amazon is mp3 so the length of the album doesn’t matter, but if I did try burning the 15 tracks onto a cd, for the last song to fit, it’d be around 5-6 minutes instead of the 23mins listed on amazon’s site. Either way, I think the album is going to be another admirable release from TxDxE this year. And on another side note, not to steal any spot light from Soulo, it’d be the shiiiiiii if Jay Rock delivers the next promised project and then Kendrick Lamar’s to finish off 2014 (in which I’m hearing won’t be happening until 2015?)

  • I know it’s not wise to judge off snippets but this doesn’t sound good…..

  • Elijah

    check out Elijah Hudson @_Elijah Hudson

  • Young Battosai

    We Really Out Here w/ JMSN boutta be the dopest thing on there. Soul always shines on Tae Beast production

  • Adp

    Waaaay to many features, we’ll see tho. When a rapper makes a album, i like to see as little as possible features. I want to hear that rapper not 7 other rappers. Leave all those features on the mixtapes.