When Dave Chappelle Met Kanye West For The First Time

blame it on Meka June 14, 2014

After popping up on Letterman a few days ago, last night Dave Chappelle was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show where, among telling stories about Prince and The Roots, he described his very first encounter with Kanye West. Check it out.

  • Dat nigga

    That was dope lol

  • Enjoyer of Music

    “Cuz my life’s dope and I do dope shit”

  • Joe Kerr

    That quote was epic…….. Best hangup line ever……….

  • dakidd

    Kanyeeezy you did it again!

  • Hahahahahaah DC man.

  • Mac Dre

    I think Dave has told that story in interviews before, but it’s still hilarious haha

  • Josh Morse

    I’m one of the UNLUCKY bastards that will not be able to spectate the Radio City run!!! But I’m surely countin’ the seconds till a DVD release

  • PV


  • Just listening to Dave tell that story makes me wanna see him dress up like Kayne and dedicate an entire episode of Chapelle’s Show to ridiculous/hilarious Kanye West stories lol

  • Royal Illness

    Very Kanye-esque…….

  • King Tyrone

    Saw him live earlier in the year. His comedy was more situational, post Chapelle’s Show, but still a transcendent talent