Saturday Night Sexy: Suelyn Medeiros

blame it on Illy June 14, 2014

Twitter: @suelyntweet | IG: suelynmedeiros

With the 2014 World Cup officially underway and the host nation Brazil winning the tournament opener against Croatia, what better way to showcase the beauty of Brazil than with Brazilian-born model Suelyn Medeiros.

Who do you have winning the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

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  • $nicka


    • Hit-Boy

      watch the sextape dude and say damn again

      • $nicka


  • BathSaltZ0mbie .

    Body is banging but she look a Lil trannyish in some pics….

    • malcyvelli

      Bruh that’s the best fucking tranny ever assembled.

  • YeDaTruth

    Call me a hater but I’ve never liked her face

    • SupaTron3000


      Sike… to each their own.

    • Justified

      I’ll call you a fag

      • YeDaTruth

        Do as you please. But you’re a grown man calling another man a fag because he has different taste in women than you do….

        • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

          Are you expecting logic, reason or political correctness, nikka?! FUCK DAT!!! DIS IS DA INTERNETS!!! That shit only happens with civilized human beings who are mature or if they are face to face! Since I’m behind a computer screen, I’m is gonna call you a fag too. Because that’s how I handles mine on da internets! LOL

          I’m just joking. Real talk though, I think she’s beautiful. I’ve always loved Latin and Brazilian women though. So, I’m biased.

          • YeDaTruth

            As a latin man, you could say I’m biased as well, but she just isn’t that hot to me. And no disrespect to the brazilian population, but a lot of times their idea of “hot” clashes with mine. It seems like their ideal woman has ultra-thick, disproportionate thighs and calves with super-tiny baby feet, with the woman looking like she can barely stand. I love my ladies thick, but sometimes I feel the brazilians go overboard. Suelyn doesn’t fit that stereotype tho, I’m just not a fan of her face. If you’re feeling her tho, more power to you, I never judge a man based off of his preference in women.

          • RAAAAAAAANDY!!!!

            I see what you’re saying. I’m a brotha, though, so… need I say more. Ok, I will. The caramel complexion and fitness of her frame are entrancing. Combine that with her almond shaped dark brown eyes and full lips… She’s a goddess, IMO. No disrespect to her, but her history and the fact that it’s so public is my only turn-off. I like women with whorish tendencies, not women that are blatantly out there like that. God bless her though.

          • YeDaTruth

            ” I like women with whorish tendencies, not women that are blatantly out there like that. God bless her though.” LMAO

  • KING14

    My nut just exploded.

  • Dave

    Anybody remember her sextape?

  • Justified

    Brasil gonna win it

  • malcyvelli

    Look at God.

  • CockBoy

    She aite, canadian women badder tho

  • Guest
  • Guest


  • Dante

    DAYMN…I’d suck a fart out her ass

  • sb

    BAD son.

  • S. Malik

    I would cum in/all over her

  • Zapp Be Baggin Em

    Hell Yes

  • JUAN


  • Carter North


  • Royal Illness

    Give Me 2 Of Those Please & Thank You……

  • Prince Akeem

    this bitch leaked her own sex tape hoping to become the next kim kardashian. lets just say it didnt happen

  • Luh this bitch.

  • JUAN

    sue lasmar

  • MusicHead

    She prolly taste like the best flavors god ever made all in one. I’d do everything to her