• Jaztazj

    Man I hope Chance never signs cause right now he has the freedom to do whatever he wants...Dude has no FEAR and I respect that

  • Anouar

    Chance and the Social expermient live is everything a 2014 hip hop show should be.

  • StudentOfTheGame

    He's real as fuck for that Hey song. He performed that so perfect. good to see a good message in hip hop.

  • Demetri Swain

    Support RENAISSANCE Music!!- -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW3GT8u4Gys

    If you need something to keep your attention for the next 5 minutes, follow this link to the debut single "Soup of the Day" by Ya Boy Nick Swain. Best Hip-Hop Video Of 2014!!!!

  • http://thatmorbidshit.tumblr.com/ FuckYouPayMe

    Fuck 2dopeboyz for not putting this shit in their favorite section. One of the best rap performances I've ever seen - AND - this beige complexioned nigga is only 21.

    THIS shit here?
    This is what this generation needs.

  • NYCityKid

    There's a reason why only a few rappers really make it. This was a dope performance. This nigga is goin be around for a while. Talented out the ass.

  • Mike

    Am I the only one who thought he wasn't that great as a performer...Too much yelling and having the crowd sing for him, up until R Kelly showed up. And the band completely outshined him. Hope he improves. His tracklist is amazing.

    • Extra

      If you don't know the words and you're not there watching online I understand what you're saying. But if you were there then the crowd being his hype man would've made up for all that. Regardless though, without a hype man on stage with him this has to be one of the best performances Ive ever seen. His energy was crazy.