• Arun Gopal

    These old school guys are not very good business. They profit off one person or a couple and then they bask in their millions.

  • Quasi.OG

    That Big KRIT Cameo tho

    • http://www.goodkidratchetcity.com/ Short-T:goodkidratchetcity.com

      I didn't even notice him on the first view. I just saw Future, Big Sean, and KLC in the blue standing behind him.

  • http://thatmorbidshit.tumblr.com/ FuckYouPayMe

    I remember he released a string of singles that took everyone by surprise by how good they were n they he just disappeared.
    I thought he had went back to jail or some shit.

    At any rate, Mystikal will do better just hookin' up with those hipster niggas and go the Girl Talk/Freeway route.

  • Starks

    shout to the rappers that think they'll ever be relevant again.

  • Barbare

    mystikal devrait retourner avec master p

  • poetic assasin

    I always wonder why artists keep going to cash money - who has dropped other than wayne, drake and nicki ? Tyga drops but he basically forces the issue to put him out - J millz, chucki, twist, short dawg, shad moss, I can keep going lol.... are they not allowed to do freestyles/get their buzz going either?

  • Winning Season

    Cash Money gave him a chance to shine right after he got out. I just don't think nobody cared

  • Yasser Kaskas

    Thats a shame. Mystikal was still sounding good. Hope he gets his situation together...

  • http://www.MotaHipHop.com/ MotaHipHop.com

    Its just too many artist over at YMCMB

  • I run Zamunda!

    Every label would get on his dick again if he links back up with Pharrell. They made some hits.

  • Dave

    Usually I would blame Cash Money for being a graveyard for artist. In this case no one was excited for any new Mystikal.

  • Rob_Watts

    They need to get No Limit Records back again.