Childish Gambino To Portray Spider-Man In New Series

blame it on Meka August 26, 2014

Never forget that Donald Glover will sometimes put the rapping (no matter how dope it is) to the left to tap into his acting side. A few years ago Donald led a campaign to portray Spider-Man in the then-unreleased reboot, which as we all know would ultimately go to Andrew Garfield. Now, Donald is finally getting his chance as he will provide the voice of the web-slinger in the upcoming animated series, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.

According to Marvelous News:

Presented in a multi-episode story format, “Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors” not only pairs Spidey with the Avengers, but introduces new heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe such as Agent Venom, Amadeus Cho, Cloak & Dagger, and Ka-Zar. Additionally, for the first time in animation history, Miles Morales who is being voiced by Community actor Donald Glover teams up with Spider-Man for a new adventure and he’s not the only Spidey that Peter Parker will encounter in this action-packed season.

Donald will portray Miles Morales, a Spider-Man from an alternate Marvel reality, and the series will debut August 31st on the Disney XD network. Watch a preview of the series, with Donald, below.

  • Lejon Brames

    Gambino gettin all kinda checks…can’t knock it

  • When the white people find out

    • james

      Most people don’t care. Get over yourself.

      • Fuck yeah people care, Did you see all the hate Gambino got for the Spider Man re-boot?

        • SonSon

          just like the boo-hoos over Captain America being black..oh and johnny storm being black..but “nobody” cares lol

          • Selorm Amuzu

            If no-one cared, no one would really give a shit or even hate on it or funny enough have Donald make a comedy out of it… as much as we like to think no one cares about a problem, people need to realise to make a problem a non-problem, you first identity the problem

          • james

            No, most people don’t care. Some assholes with a loud voice will complain and then some other asshole will pretend that person represents everyone. While most people are like “oh, whatever.”

        • thats not white people, its fucking retards that are easily ignorable.

          Dont be racist.

    • Phantastica

      I’m white and this just about made my day

      • $nicka


        • *$$$$$RichestNigga4Eva$$$$$*


      • Guest

        White that likes rap ain’t exactly white.

    • *$$$$$RichestNigga4Eva$$$$$*

      black spiderman gets all the bitches

  • Madara Uchiha

    Maybe this is what Sony needs to do Spiderman right, not those nonsense Andrew Garfield Shitstorms. Give some time, let this series breathe, and then come back with Glover as Miles Morales for a live action Ultimate Spiderman.

    • Sfuse

      I’m glad he’s getting the chance to do this.I honestly think he’d be to old to play Miles in a movie reboot. But we’ll see

      • Madara Uchiha

        Maybe, but I’m pretty sure the creator of Miles Morales’ character partially based him on Gambino so you know who better? lol

    • El_Zany

      Andrew Garfield’s spiderman movies are still better than Tobi’s Spiderman

  • Ghost Robot

    haha. you’re spiderman? but you’re so….young

    • CloudNineRed


  • Sfuse

    “You really don’t know what happened to you?” THAT [email protected] DEAD!!!” Kanye voice

  • Dave

    Donald might just be the most talented person in Hollywood. Is there anything he can’t do?

  • guest

    Donald 4 spidermayne

  • deeznuts

    But the new spidey was supposed to be Dr. Octopus.. someone enlighten me please?

    • Chief62

      Naw that’s superior spider man in the main marvel universe. This is spidey in the ultimate universe. The ultimate universe Peter gets killed by magneto and miles somehow gets spidey powers from an accident. Then BOOM he becomes it afta feelin bad for peter gettin bodied.

    • El_Zany

      actually Peter Parker is spiderman again


    To be fair he could have played the voice for a white Spider-Man too

  • Pizza Steve

    His voice is spot on

  • Ohms

    Miles Morales? #DominicanSpiderman?

  • Reezy

    This is actually pretty dope.

  • triPAUD

    Good for him, but I feel they should continue to create black and minority characters, bolster the ones they have like black panther and luke cage, or turn boring, underutilized heros into minorities, like john stewart green lantern and nick fury. Itll just be another sidenote. The only way it’d matter is if they really committed to it in all forms. not some blue superman shit

    • Miles Morales has his own comic and tv series. He is Spiderman, not just a variant or one-off.

      • triPAUD

        Really? “Donald will portray Miles Morales, a Spider-Man from an alternate Marvel reality.”
        He has inherited his own Ultimate comic, so what? Regardless Peter Parker will always be Spiderman. Although I don’t feel he necessarily has to be white, changing it would just make the character colourless (he could be anyone) rather than black, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Miles Morales is not unlike Ben Riley. Remember him? Remember when HE was spiderman? Even if they were to definitively change Ben Riley and Scarlet Spider to Miles’ appearance and character would have been more impactful, cause Scarlet Spider would have been definitively black with his own background and story.

        Remember when batman broke his back and azrael was batman? Remember when superman died and there were 4 supermen, one of who was eventually played by shaq in his own movie? all that shit was undone. itll just be another footnote, UNlike nick furys reimagining or john stewart.

        what they should do with a Luke Cage film is take him to someone like rza or most of wu, lupe, Ab soul, mf griff or doom, maybe pharell. someone who understands hip hop, black culture and comic book culture and could find the middle ground.

  • Datpoboy

    Part of me just wanted this to the scripted line”You’re Spiderman? But you’re…. Black”