DJ Premier & Royce Da 5’9″ Tease Fans With “PRhyme”

blame it on Meka September 15, 2014

Primo and Nickel have something in the works that I know fans of the duo will be gassed for (you’ll find out soon enough). For now, they drop off this short preview of what’s to come…

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  • Frank Kennedy

    Was cool… Not amazing or anything. Boom was my shit. Haven’t heard a primo beat I really fucked with on a major level in a while though

    • DirtyFiend

      shut up

      • Frank Kennedy

        Your moms a whore

        • DirtyFiend

          jog on ass-lord. Get back to me when you have a worthy comeback.

  • Kent Brockman

    This is real right? This shit just made my whole damn year!

  • Moonie

    Woah!!!! This is fucking news to me!

  • shake

    Just wait.

    • StudentOfTheGame

      its hard Shake. I’ve been waiting for a new Royce and Primo collab.

      • WEKetchum

        Definitely worth the wait.

    • Thomas_76

      So I seen Adrian Younge in that joint. Nickel talks about Gang Starr. I just want Royce over 12 Premo beats…that’s all.

      • padawan_killah

        they sampled black dynamite (produced by adrian younge).. also thats his record store. finally preme doesnt have to clear samples

  • BoRed

    Cool shit. I’m willing to bet they’re forming a group.

    • PAhiphopFAN

      I want to LIKE this comment 9 more times.

  • Black Crime Rate

    Ready to hear this project.


    Crazy timing, I was just listening to Boom, Hip-Hop, Shake This, and My Friend today. Can’t forget Hood Love, that track smooth.

  • RedHood

    If i was a female, my panties would be soaked. FULLY GASSSED FOR THIS!

  • O YEA

  • Pizza Steve

    Dam son. I wasn’t ready for this lol

  • Tron

    Those stretched bars have got to go. Clean that shit up man, Damn. Other than that, I’m looking forward to this.

    • New millennium Nat turner

      You suck at rhyming. You’re in no position to criticize the nigga Royce.

      • Tron

        Lmao! Easy there, sport.

  • PAhiphopFAN

    YES!!! I was talking about they need to form a group years ago!! I always said Royce was 2nd best on a Premier track (after Guru) It’s TRUE!!

  • SupremeSoulstice

    Gang Starr fe-formed with Royce handling mic duties? I’m with that.

    • SupremeSoulstice

      Either way if they formed as a group it’s going down. Royce is ill but he’s at his best when he solo.

      • PAhiphopFAN

        Uh… dude just said he’s not here to replace Guru. This is a new group, but this is NOT the new Gangstarr.

        • SupremeSoulstice

          He’s obviously talking not figuratively replacing him either way.. Dude



  • Black Crime Rate

    This is dope, Royce is still hip-hop he didn’t abandon the underground for POP, like Eminem did.

  • Igotcha(HHG)

    I want a whole album between royce and premo. Nas need to hurry up and get his def jam shit over with so he and premo can bang that album out too. Double disc that bitch. “Igotcha, you being greedy my nigga.” Nah, son.

  • fonzo517

    collab album maybe? thatd be crazy

  • jaymacka

    That “never ever ever ask me if i’m here to replace Guru” line…chills

  • Tbmak Maake

    Loved it…..Royce Da 5’9′ and Premier this can be the great tag team

  • ceeoneism

    cant stop playing this on repeat!

  • TheRealTC

    I need this shit like… yesterday.

  • Q Z A

    Jesus. This video/announcement has me trippin’

  • ivemar80

    please dear god. Let this happen.

  • Deez_2

    This is dope as fuck… Adrian Younge in the cut also… The drums are baad as fuck too! Can’t wait for this shit!

  • The ArchAngel Michael

    This shit could change the landscape if it lives up to expectations. Personally, I bet it will. Hats off to these two legends of the culture!

  • Jesse Foster

    Who is the dude on Royce’s shirt?

  • JamMaster James

    Fuckin dopeness!