Pensado’s Place w/ MixedByAli (Video)

MixedByAli (Derek Ali), Mix Engineer for Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d city, joins Dave and Herb on the 97th episode of Pensado’s Place! The trio discuss Derek’s work on Kendrick’s breakout album, as well as working with Dr. Dre, and his own mixing process. PREVIOUS: Off the Record w/ MixedByAli (Video)

Off the Record w/ Mixed By Ali (Video)

Whenever I get hit with a DM from TDE's MixedByAli, I think of Kendrick's Cut You Off and give a good chuckle haha. Anyways, the lineman sized engineer/tour DJ just hit me with a new feature he did with LRG. As part of their ongoing Off The Record series, Ali speaks on working intimately with

Get To Know Derek “MixedByAli” Ali (Video)

The reason why the music from the TDE camp sounds the way it does? Credit this guy, Derek Ali. The tour DJ for Kendrick Lamar sat down with Good*Fella Media to speak on his role with the TDE camp, his tour partner and more. PREVIOUS: Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank) (prod. T-Minus)

TSS Presents: Smoking Sessions With MixedByAli

Come across any post from a TDE member on the site, and you'll see the name "MixedByAli" on it. As well as being the tour DJ for Kendrick Lamar, Ali is TDE's Recording & Mixing Engineer responsible for how all of their sounds, well, sound. I've seen him on the Twitter always answering fans' questions