Meka’s Soul Mix Show: Random Sh-t (A MSMS Mini-Series)

blame it on Meka December 29, 2007

Aiight, new drink (c) “Thug Passion.”

I just got back from an extended vacation at my mom’s crib (free food, clean clothes & free utilities for the win?) & I’m seeing everyone from XXL’s YN to Little Brother posting wild random shit, so I figured why the fuck not? Here’s the deal, peoples: I have some 2,500 songs [1] on my computer. I’m gonna start slapping up random joints from here from now until… I dunno… January 2nd at random times of the day (while I’m in the one-room mansion, of course), whether rap, jazz, soul, sampled songs, rock, house, whatever I feel like. If you want a song plastered up that you think I may have, feel free to ask. Shake, feel free to jump on this train if you want, since I know you have more songs than i do.

Ready? Set? Go, you little yentas!

DOWNLOAD: Roc Marciano – MC’s
DOWNLOAD: Screwball – H-O-S-T-Y-L-E

[1] It’s only 2,500 on my comp, but I have a lot more in the stash.