What Would MLK Say If He Were an Emcee Today?

blame it on Shake January 21, 2008

20080121-mlk.jpg(January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968)

As some just think of today as time off from work or a reason to party late on Sunday; others realize the importance of January 21st as we take the time out to show respect to one of the most influential people to grace this little place we call Earth. I wish I had the time to write up my thoughts of MLK but unfortunately I work in a industry that doesn’t take time off. But fear not … I have a few treats for you. Mainly Rhymefest’s rendition of an MLK speech (if he were an emcee today).

01 MLK’s I Have a Dream Speech
I put up the full audio of MLK’s infamous “I Have a Dream” speech over at HipHopDX.

02 J. Dilla vs MLK [via RockTheDub]
Khal, over at RockTheDub placed the “I Have a Dream” speech over some Dilla production, lovely.

03 Ten OTHER Things MLK Said [via Jay Smooth]
Jay Smooth states his top 10 favorite quotes from MLK that aren’t heard as often.

04 What Would Doctor King Say If He Were an Emcee Today? [via Rhymefest]
‘Fest ponders the question of what MLK would say if he were an emcee in today’s hip hop generation. Don’t sleep on this, check the opening lines: “I have a dream. A dream that one day little Soulja Boys and Soulja Girls can coexist side by side on commercial radio and BET with the likes of Rhymefest and Little Brother.