Shake’s (2)Dope vs (un)Dope Trip to Cali v.2

blame it on Shake July 15, 2008

What up, what up. As ya’ll know I just got back from a week in California. Before I close the lid on the laptop and watch the All Star Game, I figured I’d give you a run down of went down in the life of Shake. It wasn’t as luxurious and pricey as last time but I had a blast. Beer, beaches, babes, bud, benjamins. Cali has it all. Hit the jump…

Leaving the homestead while the kid has no idea (again) what’s going on = (un)Dope

Landing in Burbank (above) instead of Ontario (below) like planed = (un)Dope

Taking a $170 taxi ride to Ontario Airport to get picked up = (un)Dope

Finally arriving at my man’s house and bashing people in Beer Pong = (2)Dope
I challenge any and everyone to a game. I.will.not.lose.

Finding out a few of the ladies chilling we’re underage = (un)Dope
They we’re still cool people though!

Good ol’ Cali green = (2)Dope

Let me reiterate that. Good ol’ Cali green = (2)Dope

Feeling like I was in High School again = (2)Dope

Stuffing my face at Famous Dave’s BBQ = (2)Dope

L & M = (2)Dope
Despite them taking Shake’s Corona’s.

No hooters at Hooters = (un)Dope
There we’re but not with our waitresses. Psshh…

Cuca’s = (2)Dope
Oh boy, this place was dank!

Spearmint Rhino for Amatuer Night = (2)Dope
Didn’t bother with dances but the ladies we’re cute. Word to the 400lb chick gettin down!

John’s Philly Steak = (2)Dope
Heart attack inducing pastrami sandwich for the win!

My man’s nephew = (2)Dope
He’ll fuck you up. No, seriously. He will run the city in a few years.

Boobs = (2)Dope
Always nice. See, I cut your face out (a little).

Clubbing at the Rock N Saddle = (2)Dope
Wasn’t what I expected, but it was good times.

Old lady spraying us with water = (2)Dope
You can’t see it but the old head was gettin wild with her water hose!
Numerous keggers = (2)Dope
The homies’ Justin & Chris gettin arrested = (un)Dope

My man Tino (and Smokey!) = (2)Dope
Good looks on letting me crash at the spot. What up Smokey!!

Everyone having a good time = (2)Dope
House parties are always fun for Shake.

Chillin in the studio with Crooked I = (2)Dope
If Shake hits Cali a meeting is always a must. More to come from this visit. What up Mickey!? Young Life?

Posted with the BOSS of the West = (2)Dope
“Shake you’re fam, anything you want you got it!” – Crooked I

Coming home to Hurricane Meatwad = (2)Dope
WTF? Last time I checked I lived in Vegas. Smh…

And there you have it. Like I said, it’s defintely not as Hollywood and star-studded as my last trip but this is exactly what I needed. A great time with friends and LOTS of Corona’s. See ya’ll (Cali) next week haha…