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U-N-I – Hollywood Hiatus Live (Video)

blame it on Meka May 1, 2009

[vimeo 4426119]

I caught U-N-I perform with a live band…

*record scratches in reverse*

So I went to this show at the Roxy last night, and this Swedish rap guy who’s “won Swedish Grammy’s” (I know) was performing on some ol’ neo-Marky Marky & The Funky Bunch/C&C Music Factory, “Girl, I’ll House You” rap. They bring this one guy out and in the middle of this agonizingly long performance the curtain drops on him, aka forcing them to get off stage. The guy didn’t get the message, so he jumps in front of the curtain, only to have the stage handlers cut his mic off. Moral of the story? It doesn’t matter if you’ve won a Nobel Peace prize; if your music isn’t catching on in the States, prepare to get the Sandman Sims treatment.

Now where was I…

I caught U-N-I perform with a live band last night, where they tore through a couple songs. If you’ve never seen them perform with a live band, you’re in luck as XIU came through with footage performing the lead track off A Love Supreme at USC’s Gear Fest ’09.