Jay-Z x Game x Politics

blame it on Meka July 22, 2009

My roommate actually sent me this link to this story on NPR’s website, and I thought it’d be a good thing to toss up here, what with so many of youse not really caring about books and all…

The difference today is that we’re in a uni-polar world with the United States on top. In the rap world, Jay-Z is that guy.

The Game is the erratic wildcard.

“He’s North Korea; he’s Iran,” Lynch says. “He might not win, but he can hurt you if he drags you down into this extended occupation, this extended counterinsurgency campaign.”

Why is he doing this? After Jay-Z released “D.O.A. (‘Death of Auto-Tune’)” The Game saw an opportunity to peel off Jay-Z’s key alliance partners to form a coalition and undermine Jay-Z’s hegemony. Even if he loses the fight with Jay-Z, The Game’s stock goes up because he’s “in” with the big guy. All The Game has to do, Lynch says, is survive.

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