Why is Drake Releasing the So Far Gone EP?

blame it on Shake August 20, 2009

I’ll let him defend himself tell you…

I also want people to know that I am only releasing this EP so that everyone involved in the project can hold a physical copy of the CD in their hands and see it in the store. And for anybody else who feels that So Far Gone marked a moment in time I just wanted to give you the option to have the disc. If you got it for free and want to keep it that way than by all means I urge you too. That was a gift from me to you…Thank Me Later.

Read the entire blog entry over at OctobersVeryOwn. Now can you* please get over it? Is it that big of a deal to you? I mean… if you aren’t gonna cop, then don’t. You yappin’ about how dumb the release is doesn’t change anything.

*mu’fuckas that find every single solitary reason to hate on the next man because he’s making progress in this game we call hip hop life.