Game Has Kendrick’s Back, So Watch Out Shyne! (Insert Ominous “Oooh” Here)

blame it on Meka October 26, 2012

“You can’t go to war from an island!” Somewhere in the world, Curtis is asking for his 700%.

Aside from virtually the entire music-sphere supporting K. Dot, Jayceon has essentially said he’ll throw hands at Shyne if they ever come face-to-face. Look, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and no man is to say whether Shyne’s personal opinion is wrong or not. But let’s just all agree that the moves by one Moses Michael Levi look like they’re of one desperately clamoring for a spotlight that long disappeared once he came out of prison sounding like he got forcibly mouth-loved one too many times. UPDATE: Shyne responds to Jaycon. And Kendrick responds to Shyne. Both can be heard/viewed after the jump.

It’s really no response [to him]. I’m not a sensitive guy, so that’s his opinion. Can’t stop what the world thinks, so yeah, that’s him. – Kendrick Lamar

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