Saturday Night Sexy: Dolly Castro

blame it on Illy May 11, 2013

Twitter: @dollycastroxoxo/Instagram: dollycastro

Miami glamour model Dolly Castro shows off some cakes for tonight’s Saturday Night Sexy pick. Hit the jump for more of the Nicaraguan vixen.

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  • trAps

    what Modeling Agencie is she signed to?

  • omgee


  • Oh, she’s that girl from Rozay’s Pirates video. Lemme grab the tissues.

  • Rickyyyyy

    Might even be Priya Rai’s lost twin sister.

  • 2dope4nope

    Needa aboard a fligh to MIA summer time foreal!

  • DatGuy

    That face is just not gone cut it.

  • BangBang

    @DatGuy by the looks of it, her face has been “cut” plenty of times.
    I hope that chick get pregnant and stretches the hell outta those tattoos.

  • antinerdrap

    Yall need to stick to Hip Hop & stop posting Tranny looking chicks

  • Shorty’s body is mean but something about her face is throwin’ me waaayyyyy off. Too much surgery! If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Fuckin’ up a good thing.

  • Geezy

    The “saturday night sexy” photo did this chick no favors, she looks like a straight up tranny in that shit. Sad thing is she probably had alot of natural beauty before she got her cheeks, nose, chin lips, tit’s and ass cut on and implanted. These last 2 weeks have been weak as fuck 2Dope. Come on- as many bad bitches it is running around out there ya’ll gonna have to step it up.

  • Frost

    fish lips, son……damn shame

  • God Marley

    ^ So y’all got bitches that look better?

  • Wesson

    Get the fuck outta here with this “so y’all got bitches that look better” thing… this broad is definitely lookin like a trany… YES my chick looks better. She doesn’t have tits that big and everything but AT LEAST SHE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE A DUDE.
    Ghost of Shake, post some Miranda Kerr – Kate Upton type of chick and everything will be fine.

  • james

    Yo, I don’t usually call these chicks trannies, but this 1 looks just like them in Brazil. Probably would look better if she was one. 2DB when you gonna rep the LGBT and post that trans from Hangover 2???

  • Pop a molly im sweatin….sike

    Can we get a blck girl ?

  • T-Luv

    This nigga said Kate Upton, GTFOH

  • Rosebudd

    Y’all niggas talking like ur bitch look better stfu

  • denverreppin!

    can we get more latinas?

  • twinsking

    “HELLO DOLLY!!!!” I could resist the old school reference
    And she is manish in the face

  • Ayyeeee

    Didn’t know we were posting pictures of men now..

  • jayjo

    Plastic lips, plastic tits
    Plastic ass, Imma pass

  • Da Gawd

    holy fuck

  • Da_Father

    5th to last the ONLY pic to look at if you want something sexy and good looking to see O_O

  • Unreal

    Is it me or does she look like a tranny in the grill piece?

  • jesus christ super star

    Yall getting trolled and yall ain’t even know. Ghost of shake is slowly posting up one ugly girl at a time until he gets yall checking out dudes. Fuck dot, this is the last one for me.
    Enjoy the imminent scrotum pics you faggots.

  • BenDoughVA

    @Rosebudd: Of course my chick looks better than that! Probably even the no-life-trolls on this page have better lookin gf’s! Bitch is seriously ugly!