ScienZe – 2BRIGHT

blame it on Meka February 10, 2015

Coincidentally, as I began listening to ScienZe’ new song I read the news that the NYPD officer who shot and killed Akai Gurley in the stairwell of his apartment complex has been indicted for manslaughter today. It’s sad that someone like myself actually cheers when something of that nature actually happens (because, as we all know, indictments – read: the chance to punish someone for their crimes – rarely occurs when it involves the police and the Black community), when it’s not even guaranteed that Peter Liang will even spend a single second behind bars for his senseless murder; even if he does, I’ll be surprised if he does more than a couple of years for the crime. Ultimately, while it’s never going to change my opinions that cops essentially have free reign to chop down innocent Black men like a sadistic video game of Duck Hunt with no repercussions, seeing that news piece actually brought a slight smile to my stained-cold heart.

Anyways, listen to ScienZe’ new cut below.

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