Everything You Need To Know About Big Boi & Phantogram’s Upcoming Project

blame it on JES7 April 17, 2015

My inner Phantogram stan grew to even larger proportions after they delivered “K.Y.S.A (Keep Your Self Alive)” off the Welcome To Los Santos soundtrack yesterday.

As most of you know, Shake and I are huge fans of the indie-pop/trip-hop/”whatever you wanna call em” group. From their solo work to their collaborations with Big Boi, we’ve been following Sarah Barthel & Josh Carter for awhile now.

Since last year, the duo have been hyping up a project with good friend Big Boi – and the title “Big Grams” has been thrown around.

Well, finally we have a few concrete details about the upcoming project which is nearly done. Talking with Phoenix New Times, producer Josh Carter revealed that “Big Grams” is actually the name of their band and that the project has no title as of yet.

We’re making an album together with Big Boi. It’s not a Phantogram record. Sarah [Barthel, Phantogram bandmate] and I are in a band with Big Boi, and right now we are calling it Big Gram. It’s almost done and we are going to start working on a Phantogram album after that.

Josh also discusses what it’s like to work with the OutKast triple O.G.

Big is a great guy, and we have become really good friends over the past couple of years. It’s a real honor and head trip to work with someone you looked up to. I grew up listening to Outkast, and it’s pretty trippy being friends with people you grew up listening to.

Although the project has no name, Josh revealed the following:

We are talking to some different animators and trying to put out a psychedelic cartoon with the songs. Not sure how many songs, probably just an EP worth of music and the psyched-out cartoon, and we are talking to different people about how we can execute that.

Finally, the sound of the project is “sort of like psyched-out hip-hop. I’m producing most of it because I make beats a lot and we got Sarah singing on stuff and Big rapping and even I’m singing on it a little bit. It’s just an experimental project that we are doing because we are friends and it’s fun. Run the Jewels is going to be on one track, which is pretty dope, and we are talking to some others about some guest appearances.”

Now, what do we make of the preceding photo of K Dot & Phantogram below? Only time will tell, but how ill would it be if Phantogram – pardon me – Big Grams got a Kendrick feature?

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