Fetty Wap Covers VIBE

blame it on Shake June 19, 2015

Fetty Wap‘s stock continues to rise. He’s got a few singles buzzing (including “My Way” with Drake) and just landed the XXL Freshman cover. Now, the Jersey native is the main focus in VIBE’s latest digital issue. Spending the day with our man Mikey Fresh, Fetty discussed his upbringing, his start in music, the grind, and – most importantly – his family.

Check a few choice quotes and some behind-the-scenes footage below. The full piece can be seen here.

There’s a lot of R&B influence in your music. But was it rap music specifically that caught your attention? Or were there other genres that you were into?

It was rap, definitely. I didn’t listen to music that much when I was young. It wasn’t until I found out about Gucci Mane. That was really when I got into music. My first iPod just had Guwop’s Chicken Talk mixtape on it at first. I remember when I got it, the first song I heard was “Chicken Talk” with DJ Burn One. Ever since then I was hooked.

Your publicist said to me, “Any day that Fetty’s not working or doing shows, he is with his kids.”

I don’t really be having no days off. That’s why the mothers of my kids don’t really complain. It’s not like I’m not around for no reason. They know I’m doing what I can, and that I’m out working to provide for them. I don’t like leaving my kids, so I don’t like just going to see them for no hour or two, and then I got to be in the studio for seven hours. When I first started I was with my kids for seven hours and at the studio for one or two because I only had money for that little studio time.

It’s a gift and a curse. You’re trying to be successful in hip-hop to have money so you can provide for your kids, but the job requires you to be on the road.

I used to see them every day. Now, my biggest fear is that my daughter is going to be crying because she doesn’t know who I am. Or she’s going to be crying because she’s happy to see me. She’s still young so she doesn’t really know what’s up right now. As a man though, that shit kind of hurts me. That’s my baby girl, my only daughter. What man don’t want their daughter to know who they is?