Kendrick Lamar Takes On Gang Violence With Reebok ‘Ventilator’ Collaboration

blame it on Patrick Glynn July 8, 2015

Reebok will never be what Nike and adidas are. It’s kind of like the Knicks trying to be what the San Antonio Spurs and New England Patriots always do in terms of output (not worth). But what it can do, in terms of branding, is tread water and not sink to the bottom. To do that, they’ve tried to sign popular artists and athletes like Jay Z and Allen Iverson. More recently, though, they made a big splash by signing Kendrick Lamar.

This week, we’ve reaped the benefits of the first shoe collaboration between Kendrick Lamar and Reebok: the Ventilator.

It’s intention is clear. It’s trying to unify gang members, which he’s tried to do in his music for the past five years. The shoes are a neutral white, one having red and white laces with the word “RED” on the back heel and the other having blu and white laces with the word “BLUE” on the back heel. The outside of the tongue has Kendrick Lamar’s signature and the TDE logo in the shoe’s respective color. On the inside of the tongue, it says “Neutral.”

The shoes will be on sale July 18 and will sell for about $140 a pair.

reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-04 reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-03 reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-02 reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-05 reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-06 reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-07 reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-08 reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-09 reebok-ventilator-kendrick-lamar-10

Peace to French website on the heads up.