Watch Part 2 of Future’s ‘Like I Never Left’ Documentary

blame it on Meka July 14, 2015

So, Shake and I have a rather close friend who’s an incorrigible fan of Future. It’s rather amazing to see an actual fanatic of the guy’s music in the flesh, although it does tend to lead to some rather spirited conversations (and I’m being politically correct here) between the three of us. We may not agree with some of our friend’s opinions (read: most of them) surrounding Future, but it is interesting to witness a #FutureHive (whatever that is) fanatic’s thought process up close and personal.

With his new project, Dirty Sprite 2, finally arriving this coming Friday (July 17th), Strugs has been pushing it with both its new single “Blow A Bag” and the viral documentary Like I Never Left. Today the second part of the latter is released, which features Futche visiting Noah “40” Shebib’s Toronto studio to record new music, some of which is actually previewed at the end of the clip. I can only imagine what our said friend will have to say about this in the c-section after he watches it above.

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