Papoose Just Did What I’ve Always Dreamt Of Doing: Troll Struggle Rappers

blame it on Meka July 17, 2015

I don’t hide my apathy for rappers well. I mean, the only answer I give when asked for advice by aspiring superstars is, “Don’t quit your day job. There are roughly 30 people who decide they want to be a rapper each hour, who want to have the same type of success you desire. Out of those 30, 27 of them will be ignored and cast to the wayside. Two of them may sign to someone, and if they’re lucky they’ll languish in label limbo for years before being let go and tossed back in the same lion’s den you’re in now. And that last person is Drake.”

Motivational speaker, I am he. I’m available for weddings, bat mitvahs and quinceañeras.

Anyways, I’ve never had the gumption to outright insult a rapper to their face*, because to be honest it’s not really fair or morally right to tell someone not to follow their heart and passion, to not do what they love to do for a living. Plus, I’m somewhat allergic to getting into square dances at this point in my life now. But imagine if someone actually did do that. Not only that, but what if the person who did that did so on the artist’s own song? Not only would that be extremely brazen, but that would almost instantly kick off an in-studio slobber knocker. Well, that’s exactly what Papoose did to some unsuspecting lyricists during a recent session.

However, the whole thing was all staged as a part of Complex’ new viral show, Troll’d. Still, the reactions from all of them were hilarious, with all of them quickly drafting responses in their phones. Because let’s face it: none of them were going to, or were even willing to, cut a rug with someone who’s as relatively unhinged as Papoose. Still, it’s quite entertaining to see the guy do something I could never bring myself to do*.

* – Of course, unless I was provoked first.