blame it on Meka September 14, 2015

If I was Dr. Dre? There’s a very high chance that I would not even be awake to write what you’re reading at the moment. Seriously, I would just take at least one day to sleep. However, the only Dre I know is a cynical Las Vegas resident who covers sports, so like KXNG CROOKED I can only envision being in his shoes throughout his enormously successful career.

With some help from Aftermath Entertainment’s DJ Silk – as well as Chris Noxx of the Grammy Award Winning team Tha Piecemakerz – Crooked I pens an ode to the near-billionaire. Yes, I’m fully aware Crook could have written for the good doctor before (like King Mez and Kendrick Lamar did for his swan song LP Compton: A Soundtrack), but who cares about semantics?

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