Vic Spencer – “Dick Jerkins” (Mick Jenkins Diss)

blame it on Patrick Glynn September 14, 2015
vic spencer-mick-jenkins-diss

Vic Spencer and Mick Jenkins got themselves into a Twitter argument over their artistic endeavors, and now we have beef.

According to Vic’s SoundCloud, he called a notable Chicago venue, The East Room, a place for “re-fried groupies and niggas who stare at other niggas sneakers.” Mick took offense to that, and Mick started coming at him on Twitter..

… Vic, naturally, got mad and returned with a new diss track, “Dick Jerkins.” I really enjoy Mick Jenkins. Like, a lot. But Vic came at Jenkins hard here. Referencing a slue of tweets along with songs of his own, Vic spit some decent, charged bars, believing that Mick is “telling us to do something we already do,” referencing Mick’s “drink more water” metaphor that’s run across his music over the last two years or so. Despite past sounds, this diss has some substance to it.

It will be interesting to see where this heads. Check out “Dick Jerkins” below.