Kweku Collins – “Hoopdi”

blame it on Patrick Glynn October 6, 2015

Chitown artist Kweku Collins has done a nice job of keeping his name in the headlines after releasing one of my favorite EPs of the year, Say It Here, While It’s Safe. He’s hopped on Closed Sessions’ Spicy Caliente as the featured artist of the label and told the coming-of-age story on “Corner Store” since dropping his project, and now, he finds himself in a warped soundscape that he’s finding difficulty escaping.

By the time the chorus rolls around, on his new single, “Hoopdi,” it sounds as if Kweku trying to harmonize in his melodic way, but the drugged-out, slow environment intentionally prevents him from doing so as he drives around in a Hoopdi with his lady. “Hoopdi” starts off sounding like the Master of Puppets-era Metallica track before the deep bass and knocking drums come and sooth the production. Sometimes, you’ve make yourself go two miles an hour so everyone sees you. Other times, the yak makes your whole existence seems like you’re moving two miles an hour. Kweku seems to be experiencing the latter.

Listen to “Hoopdi” below.