Jadakiss Was A Guest On ‘The Nightly Show’

blame it on Meka November 18, 2015

Comedy Central’s late-night shows The Daily Show and The Nightly Show may be, interestingly enough, some of the most culturally diverse programming on television today. Since Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were replaced with Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore respectively, the two flagships have arguably leaned more towards the urban demographics shows like The Tonight Show and The Late Show do not.

In the case of The Nightly Show, the Wilmore-fronted program is unabashed in having rappers come to the show as guest panelists and allow them to speak their thoughts networks like CNN and MSNBC attempt to twist. Following Rick Ross saying that he’d end his rift with 50 Cent if racism was universally eliminated, Jadakiss – alongside Nightly Show contributor Grace Parra and hunger striker Jonathan Butler – sat down to discuss the increase in student protesting against racism at colleges in the U.S. Something tells me that Don Lemon, Nancy Grace or anybody at FOX News would be open to discussing these matters in this manner.