Ciara Drops Two New Songs, “Special Edition” x “Oh Baby”

blame it on Patrick Glynn November 23, 2015

Over the last year or so, Ciara has been in the news (or, should I say, the Twitter feeds of hip-hop and sports fans) far more often because of her personal life rather than for her music. She released a new album, Jackie, dropped a cover of a Rollings Stones song, shared the screen intimately with her child (whom she shares with Future), but most of it goes unnoticed because many a majority of people reading care about how she affected Future and now Russell Wilson.

The songstress released two new songs Monday as a gift for the holiday season, according to Ciara, called “Special Edition” and “Oh Baby,” and even though they match the innocent feel of the holidays, she can still make a decent tune. The songs are playful and naive about enjoying the moment and the presence of the people around you, and while she calls them gifts for the holidays, these could’ve been dropped at any point of the year and given off the same “holiday” vibe.

Listen to the two new songs below.